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Question #90003 posted on 07/06/2017 2:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Before I go talk to administration and explain the circumstances, I thought it be best to ask here to see what my next step should be and how to set about this. Long story short, I didn't set my cart before registration date, and am now stuck with registering classes that are now only offered at Salt Lake Center. While I am still stuck in another country with incredibly shaky internet connections in the mountains, I was able to check the course registration only to find that most of my classes if not all are only offered at the Salt Lake Center. As the only person in my family going to BYU(recent convert here), I have zero knowledge on the system here and would like advice on whether I should personally email the professors of the classes and ask for a transfer card and hope, or contact administration to see what can be done. I realize my mistake in believing in something "too good to be true"(in this case a certain provider's assurance that I would have good internet overseas) and am fine with having early morning classes at BYU. I just really don't want to have all my classes at the Salt Lake Center as I wish to be closeby the dorms and not have to commute all the way to Salt Lake City to take classes when I go to BYU. Extreme apologies for making anyone here worry about me, I myself am panicking so I'd imagine you would feel concerned reading this, and would appreciate any advice possible on what my next action should be. I suppose for context, I am applying as BS for Bio and am freaking out as what to do as of the moment. Truly thanks, and if possible, please give me a reply under a 100 hours!

-Obviously too embarrassed to say, but desperate enough to not ask this question in a public forum.


Dear you,

Personally, I would email the professor of each class that you hope to get into and see what they recommend. I don't think there's much point in talking to the university administration, since the professors will have a better idea of the situation.

-The Entomophagist