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Question #90007 posted on 07/02/2017 8:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Welcome Bachelorette contestants!

For your first challenge, we've come up with a way to test your creative juices (so we know you'll be great at planning romantic surprises and coming up with unique dates).

Challenge #1: Write a story. It can be fiction, nonfiction, allegorical, anything you think will help win the heart of that Board writer you're interested in.

See below for the basic rules and details of how to submit your compositions.

May the best reader win!

The Bachelorette


Dear Contestants,

Send your most splendiferous stories to by 11:59 pm Friday (July 7th) night. This will be the same process you'll go through to submit your responses for each of the challenges.

This first challenge is actually twofold: along with devising a tale to woo your intended, you shall also have to come up with a 'nym to use for the duration of the competition. Remember that your 'nym will be a statement about yourself; choose that statement well.

As this is the first submission, you will also have to include your real name and a link to your Facebook profile (if you don't have a Facebook, use some other social media profile, blog, etc.). Your personal information will be kept completely confidential; I will be the only one to see it. Really, this is just a safety precaution to ensure none of the writers unwittingly agree to go on a date with a serial killer or some other such character of nefarious design.

So, write well, and we look forward to reading your creations of wit and charm.

~Girl with a Curl