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Question #90012 posted on 07/03/2017 1:50 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board Potterheads,

What in merlin's beard was Dumbledore doing the night of October 31st and all day of November 1st 1981 that was so important he choose to send Hagrid to retrieve Harry?? Do we know if Dumbledore even visited Godric's Hollow in the aftermath, is there a reason he didn't want to? Speaking of which, what was Hagrid doing with baby Harry all of November 1st, joy rides?

Dumbledore can't have been that wrapped up in studying the invisibility cloak (pun intended)...

-Corsica S., who is happy with best guesses and plausible speculation if the truth is unobtainable, and apoligizes if his search of the archives missed something due to the erumpent sized category which is Harry Potter.


Dear Napoleon,

Dumbledore trusted Hagrid completely, so I don't think there's any reason he would feel it necessary to perform the task himself, considering Harry's biggest threat was already a nonissue.

But I think the real answer about Dumbledore's whereabouts is logistics. First of all, since the Potters' location was a secret to begin with, it might have taken a while for people to realize what had happened. Then, once the house had been found, people were probably scared by the whole thing, and so it probably took a while to even notify Dumbledore.

Once Dumbledore had been informed, he had to work out a plan for Harry's future, and that probably necessitated locating the Dursleys and making sure they were capable (in the lightest sense) of taking care of Harry. I don't think he was too busy to visit Godric's Hollow, but perhaps he didn't want to because he had some demons there from his own past, let alone the tragedy at hand. He had some traumatic stuff happen there, events that plagued him until his dying day, so I wouldn't blame him for avoiding it.

Regarding Hagrid, there isn't much we know about the magical world geographically speaking. Presumably the Dursleys live somewhere near London, since it's not a huge burden taking Harry to the train station each year, but we have no idea where Godric's Hollow is located. It could be a long drive from there to the Dursleys, and I don't imagine that a flying motorcycle moves any faster than a regular one. However, my main guess would be that Harry and Hagrid waited to travel until dark, since Muggles would probably be a bit unnerved by the sight of a motorcycle flying over the English countryside.

So yes, Dumbledore probably avoided the task due to unresolved trauma regarding his sister's death, and Hagrid likely just waited with Harry in a safe location until it was dark enough to travel.