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Question #90045 posted on 07/08/2017 10:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How do guys work? My friend says guys don't consistently talk with girls or want to hang out with them unless they're interested in a girl, but I feel like that's an exaggeration. Thoughts?

-not a guy


Dear non-guy,

How about you tell me how girls work, and then I'll tell you how guys work?

It's hard to generalize, but that does seem like an exaggeration to me. I know I hang out with several girls with whom there is no romantic interest in either direction. I might concede that guys are much more likely to reach out and try to be friends with a girl if they think there's a possibility of romantic interest, but I wouldn't actively avoid or stop being friends with someone just because I didn't want to date them or they didn't want to date me. 

-The Entomophagist


Dear Me Neither,

Personally, I think it's definitely an exaggeration. Sometimes people can just enjoy each other's company without there having to be romance behind it. I can like talking with someone and want to get to know them better without being romantically attracted to them, and I see no reason why guys can't feel the same way.



Dear Not a Guy,

Guys work due to the extensive system of wiring and carefully programmed computer chips that you'll find inside them. Your friend figured it out, guys are actually just robots programmed to do whatever it takes to find love, as can be seen from this definitely real, true photograph of a guy in his natural, robotic state, learning the guitar to woo a pretty woman.


Due to their programming, they immediately stop having regular interactions with women they're not attracted to. They can't help it, they were just made that way.