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Question #90052 posted on 07/10/2017 12:14 a.m.

Dear Bachelorette Contestants,

Welcome to Challenge #2!

We here at the Board consider ourselves to be both incredibly internet savvy AND delightfully funny, which can be a very intimidating combination.

In order to make sure you're worthy of dating an illustrious Board writer, our challenge is this: Find or create memes for the writer of your choice.

See below for details like due dates and mode of submission.

But more importantly, get ready to convince me that you're the reader of my dreams.

The Bachelorette


Dear Contestants,

First of all, we need more reader participation in this year's Bachelorette. If we do not have more people step up to the plate, then we will have to unfortunately cancel the competition. 

Now, onto this challenge. Either create you own fantastically magnificent memes or put your meme-sleuthing skills to use and select the most perfect meme-fruits of the internet to proffer your chosen writer.

As with the first challenge, email your submissions to If you want to be sure of your submission posting, email it in by 11:59 pm Friday, July 14. However, if the responses have not yet posted on the Board, feel free to still email in your own answer.

~Girl with a Curl