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Question #90070 posted on 07/13/2017 7:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm not from Utah but live here now. I work every Sunday. I've noticed that on Sundays many non-LDS women wear skirts or dresses when they normally don't wear them other days. Is "Sunday best" a Utah thing that non members follow, for some reason? I thought that was a Mormon thing.

-Kanadian Angel


Dear Canadian Angle,

The idea of wearing your "Sunday best" on Sundays is definitely not a thing among non-Mormons in Utah, at least on a widespread cultural level. Maybe some individuals make that choice for whatever reason, but from the many, many non-LDS people I know in Utah, none of them have ever felt any need to wear skirts or dresses just because it's Sunday. If you're seeing this phenomenon a lot, my guess would be that they're wearing skirts/dresses on Sunday because (A) they're a member of another church and dress up for that, (B) summer is hot and dresses are cool and breezy, or (C) they just like the way dresses look/dressing up sometimes.