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Question #90097 posted on 07/16/2017 10:51 p.m.

Dear Bachelorette Contestants,

It's time for Challenge #3!

You've wooed us with your story-telling ability and your appreciation for internet culture, but now it's time to prove yourself with a different skill.

Via any medium of your choice, please create a portrait of yourself and that dreamy writer you've got your eye on.

See below for rules, but more importantly, get ready to win my heart.

The Bachelorette


Dear Contestants,

You got it. Put those creative juices to work in a most beautiful rendition of yourself and your intended writer. This can be oils on canvas, macaroni art, finger paint, graphite--anything you so desire.

Responses are due Friday July 21 at midnight to Remember new readers can enter in at any time.

~Girl with a Curl