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Question #90112 posted on 07/21/2017 12:14 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Any My Hero Academia fans here? If so, do you think Gran Torino is a villain? My brother noted that he sounds like one of the villain voices.
Please don't use the manga. I'm only watching the anime right now.

-Plus ULTRA!!


Dear Quirkless,

I've totally been watching this! It's a pretty fun show.

As for Gran Torino, he seems to me like your typical frustrating-but-ultimately-harmless mentor character. His voice definitely matches that trope. He sort of reminds me of the toad Fukasaku from Naruto.

However, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he turns out to be the villain we've heard over the TV displaying "SOUND ONLY." That villain and Gran are both mysterious, and they've both talked about the merits of proper education. Plus, if you stretch your imagination a little, their voices aren't too different. All that's missing is motive. Why would Gran Torino be working with the villains? But also, why has he been essentially missing for so many years. No one really knows anything about him. He has to have some sort of ulterior motive. It remains to be seen if that's simply because he's a frustrating-type mentor, or if he's actually a villain.

I'm still leaning towards Gran Torino being a good guy. But the free handouts of power-enhancing knowledge aren't going to keep coming for free. I anticipate Midoriya getting in a tight spot fairly soon, one way or another.