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Question #90125 posted on 07/24/2017 2:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I would very much like to take a wood-shop-type class. In my search for such a class at BYU, I came across these previous two board questions, Board Question #41216 and Board Question #58158, which were extremely helpful, except that they are now out of date, and that class does not exist any longer.

Is there a different place I could find this class? I really just want to learn all the basic things that would enable me to become a pro DIY-er, because let's be honest, the average person cannot actually "Do-it-yourself" without these skills.

-DIY Wannabe


Dear Coulda Woulda Shoulda,

To be perfectly honest, I don't exactly know all of the wood-shop skillage requisite for pro-DIY. However, I did find this wood-shop class which will next be offered this Winter you might be interested in taking. If you follow the link, you'll see a list of skills taught.


posted on 07/25/2017 10:52 p.m.
The other two questions are still accurate, for the most part. Kip Christensen ("Dr. C") is still the professor of the course. The only difference is that the course will be called TES 200 starting in Fall 2017, not TEE 200 or TTE 200. It is offered every Fall, and in Winter in even years and Spring in odd years. You will have to talk to Dr. C to take the course because it's limited to majors only, so you will need to have a permission-to-add code from him to register for the class. Hope this helps!

posted on 07/26/2017 11:33 a.m.
If this BYU course is not quite what you are looking for, UVU has a beginning and an intermediate woodworking class that is available through their community education program and therefore available to non UVU students.
You can read about it here: https://aceweb.uvu.edu/wconnect/ace/CourseStatus.awp?&course=17FCUV003I81

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