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Question #90140 posted on 07/27/2017 6:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How does BYU check you marital status for if you are living in married housing?/ Will they kick you out if you exceed the 30 days?

I know BYU has this big rule with married and single housing. I'm about to graduate BYU this December, but I'm engaged to a Canadian.

Long story short, he needs a fiance visa to come here and get married legally. Because we have to get a visa we have no idea when we will get married. I currently have married housing for next semester and wanted to know if BYU will kick me out of it for not being married for awhile.

Cant find any knowledge on this, so I need you guys!

-Marrying a foreigner


Dear Congratulations,

It appears as though none of us on the Board know the answer to your question. If any readers have useful information, please post a correction.