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Question #90249 posted on 08/23/2017 6:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

A question for research! What are your thoughts about Winter?

Useful things would be: What do you love/hate about Winter? What do you love/hate about the cold? What are things that "Winter" makes you think of? Etc.

Because of very scientific research purposes, I would love to get as many responses and as much variety as you can afford. (Responses with negative feelings towards Winter are the most useful, but all answers are useful and welcome.)





I quite like winter. I love the excuse to drink copious amounts of hot chocolate, eat bread and soup all the time, wear winter fashion, and seeing the world covered in a sparkling blanket of snow (fun fact: when I was little, I used to wonder why people wanted diamonds when they could have snow, which was, in my opinion, just as pretty). 

But then winter just clings with a grip like death, and my fondness morphs to distaste. I then long to not be freezing, have slush soak through my shoes, and be living in a world bereft of greenery and flowers.



Dear Jack,

Winter is terrible for a number of reasons, though mainly in places that are cold and snowy. Allow me to elaborate.

  1. Winter sucks because I'm afraid of driving in the snow, so sometimes I would have to wait a long time before I felt comfortable enough to drive to the grocery store, meaning my food supply on occasion dwindled.
  2. Winter sucks because THE AIR HURTS YOUR FACE.
  3. Winter sucks because on the rare occasions where the sun shines, you can't feel any warmth from it, which is just taunting.
  4. Winter sucks because you have to bundle up just to go outside, then once you're inside you have to take off all the layers again.
  5. Winter sucks because it's overcast and miserable all the time, and I get depressed when there's no sunlight.
  6. Winter sucks because you have to add like an extra ten minutes to your commute just to scrape all the ice off your car.
  7. Winter sucks because the days are so short.
  8. Winter sucks because when you're in school you have no choice but to go outside and face the awfulness.
  9. Winter sucks because you have to store all your winter clothes for a long time only to pull them out for a few months a year.
  10. Winter sucks because you have to wear boots all the time and you can't wait all your cute summer shoes.

Those are the reasons that immediately came to mind, but I'm sure others can list plenty of other reasons why winter is awful.




Dear friend,

Winter is great until December 26th exactly, and then it's a frozen wasteland full of misery, woe, and wet socks. And even then, I'm really only crazy about the weather until November or so. Christmas is wonderful. Snow (or worse, slush) is an abomination.

-Van Goff


Dear Frost,

Pros of Winter

  • Beautiful sparkling snow
  • The excuse to drink hot chocolate all the time
  • Warm cozy clothes
  • Fun winter activities like sledding and ice skating and skiing/snowboarding and snowball fights and building snowmen
  • Christmas
  • The crunch of fresh snow underfoot
  • Wearing cute boots
  • Soup and hot fresh bread
  • Snuggling up under warm fuzzy blankets is just so cozy and nice

Cons of Winter

  • When it keeps psyching you out and never actually ends, despite how many false springs there are. Is Utah turning into Narnia or something?
  • Hardened drifts of gasoline-blackened snow on every street corner
  • If you don't like winter sports, it's too cold and miserable (and frankly dangerously icy to do anything outside)
  • Scraping ice and snow off your car every. single. day.
  • Driving during winter is THE WORST
  • High traffic areas turn into a mess of slush and grossness 
  • Trudging through slush and grossness
  • Cold wet feet
  • For some reason women's boots aren't designed with any traction whatsoever, so walking around in them during winter is so perilous
  • No sunshine
  • The preponderance of colds/the flu
  • Feeling like your nose/ears are going to fall off because they're so cold



Dear person,

Winter is bad because it is cold and dark and sad.