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Question #90264 posted on 08/19/2017 4:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm currently eating a low carb diet. The doctor who created this diet says that most of the weight loss will be from fat and not water or muscle. I'm not really exercising, but I have a fairly active job so I'm walking or standing several hours a day. Once I've lost some fat will I look toned even if I'm not doing any strength training exercises?

-Rip Torn


Dear Rip Torn,

Once upon a time I lost 40 pounds following a low-carb diet. My job sounds similar to yours, where I was active but beyond that I didn't get any regular exercise. And while I definitely lost a lot of fat, and looked more slender, I didn't look any more toned because I wasn't actually increasing my muscle mass.




Dear you,

I'll echo what Luciana said. I recently lost some weight due to eating low-carb. And although I am slimmer now, I wouldn't say I look any more toned. Walking makes me feel great, but unfortunately it usually takes more than that to build significant muscle.