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Question #90268 posted on 08/20/2017 3:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am the most awkward person at job interviews and always get nervous/tongue tied/rambling. How can I get better at this?



Dear Sad Face,

I think the secret is practice. A lot of job interviews ask similar questions, so it's a really good idea to research and brainstorm some potential questions and have answers prepared. Personally, I write down answers beforehand because I'm a better writer than I am a speaker. I'll write a basic script for myself that sounds eloquent enough, then I'll practice saying it out loud. That way during the interview I don't have to do as much thinking off the top of my head and I can sound more put together than I would if I were scrambling for a response.

I would also recommend practicing with a person if you're really nervous, so you can get used to the energy exchange that happens during an interview. In addition, once you feel prepared for the content of the interview, I would practice in front of a mirror. That will help you monitor the physical impression that you're making and help you practice making eye contact and coming across confident.

Good luck!