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Question #90293 posted on 08/28/2017 10:14 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are Mormons allowed to use tarot cards? I'm somewhat fascinated by them but I feel like it's taboo. I totally understand not using Ouija Boards because that involves actually inviting evil spirits, but tarot cards seem a lot more innocuous. Thoughts on this?



Dear friends on the other side,

It really depends on who you ask because there's no policy on it. The Church does, however, urge its members to stay away from psychics, mediums, and occult-based practices. Lots of people who claim they can see the future (via tarot cards or otherwise) can't actually do so and are tricking their clients via cold readings, where they rely on body language and other inferences to provide vague "fortunes."

As for those who really do believe they can see the future, we don't know where or how they're getting that information. Like ouija boards, it's not necessarily a good idea to mess with it. A better way to receive guidance for your future could be getting a patriarchal blessing or studying it on your own, if you've already received it. That way, you know the information's coming from a positive source.

But then, one of my LDS friends is pretty into tarot cards and it doesn't seem to conflict with her belief in the Gospel. This sounds like a personal thing that you might want to pray about.

-Van Goff


Dear yosef,

I think Van Goff gives a good explanation above. I agree that they're interesting but maybe not something to use, and that prayer might be your best help in the matter.

If you're still interested in the mystic, however, might I recommend this book? As part of it they talk about tarot cards and their symbolism, and there's a lot of other great stuff. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf