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Question #90298 posted on 08/28/2017 12:29 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I recently got married and I want to change my name with BYU. I don't know how to do that. HELP.

-its really hard having two last names



It's actually really easy to change your name with BYU. You just have to take in some documents to the BYU Records Office, located in B-150 ASB. You do need to do it in person, unfortunately, but other than that it's a breeze. If you're a BYU student employee you just need to bring in your (updated) social security card. If you're not a student employee, bring in one of the following: driver's license, social security card, marriage license, or passport. And that's pretty much it! If you still have questions, there's more info here.

After they've updated your name everywhere (it takes a couple days for them to do so), you can get your new BYU ID card for free as long as you have your old ID card to switch in. But beware, don't wear a pale pink shirt when they take your ID picture. I just got my new ID today and my shirt was pale pink, but because of their poor picture quality it actually just looks like I'm naked in the picture (because somehow the pink showed up as nude). So that's fun.


P.S. My new last name sounds very stereotypically Asian, but actually isn't Asian at all. But in the few months I've been married so far, I've already been asked several times if my husband is Chinese. This is my life now.