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Question #90300 posted on 08/28/2017 10:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How many of you have had to re-take a class? Has anyone had to re-take a class that was part of your major?

-I do, Anxiety and Depression Suck


Dear You,

Hey, don't sweat it! I don't have any sort of diagnosable anxiety or depression disorders, but I had to re-take a class, too! It happens to everyone! 

And, yes, this class was part of my major. It was Math 334, Differential Equations. I took it during Spring term a couple of years back. As I recall there were two professors teaching it for that term, but I didn't have a choice between the two because I was registering for spring classes very late and he was the only one with spots left.

I just mention that because I really did not gel with that man's teaching style. He basically assumed that we'd read and understood everything in the textbook, would provide maybe one example, and then would spend the rest of the class giving us time to work problems on our own. And, you know, I could see how that strategy could be beneficial, but at the same time, since I wasn't understanding the textbook, everything else was lost on me.

Anyway. I started getting behind in that class really quickly, and I understood less and less as the class went on. That really killed my motivation to keep studying and going to class; in one particular instance, I just decided to skip class entirely so I could interview for a job (which I got, and still have to this day, because it is a good job).

At the end of the term, I ended up with a C-, which I think was pretty generous on my professor's part. Technically, this was passable for my major, but the whole reason I had decided to take this class instead of a less rigorous, more applied course was because I wanted to get a Math minor. When I looked at the Math minor requirements, I found that they wouldn't take a grade lower than a C.

Besides that, I also found that doing poorly in Diff. Eq. had a detrimental effect on my further Physics studies. The next semester I took Physics 318 (Partial Differential Equations) and Physics 321 (Mechanics), and both of them leaned heavily on knowledge from Math 334 that I didn't have. I managed to scrape by in both of those classes, but I decided that, for the sake of my academic future, I should probably retake 334. I did that the next semester, and you know what? It was a great experience! For one thing, I took the class with two of my good friends, and having a study group is much better than going it alone. For another, whereas the previous professor didn't really get through to me, the second professor was excellent and had a teaching style that fit much better with the way I learn. Finally, I found that having taken the class before (and having taken more advanced classes in the subject, a la Physics 318) gave me a really strong base from which I could work and review the topics being presented.

So don't worry about retaking a class! The important thing is that you learn the material so you can use it to help you in your major/career later in life.

-Frère Rubik


Dear dark mystery reeses,

One year I set out to conquer Math 110: College Algebra. Things went very poorly that winter semester, so I ended up withdrawing from the class at the last possible moment. I retook it and failed it spring term, andconvinced I had learned what I needed toimmediately retook it and re-failed it summer term. I took a semester break and finally managed to pass the class during winter semester, scraping by with a glorious C grade.

I have had other rough semestersincluding another where I failed two of my principal minor classes and withdrew from a chemistry class I realized I needed to work up to over a couple yearsbut I regard Math 110 as the single greatest obstacle defeated on my path to graduation.


--Ardilla Feroz, who took his 2.89 cumulative GPA and put it in the Bank of I'll Take What I Can Get


Dear friend, 

Yes and yes. But it was way better the second time. I made a good friend, who was great for both motivating me to come to class and letting me know what I missed when I couldn't make it. Plus, having a preview (of sorts) of half the class from when I took it the first time helped me do pretty well on the assignments. 

Working with the Accessibility Center was also super helpful. If you haven't already, I highly recommend talking with them before the semester starts, as they can't do much retroactively. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf