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Question #90312 posted on 09/22/2017 4:08 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How has your summer been?

-An adoring fan


Dear Fan,

This one is on me; I think everybody else was finished writing before school started. And now it's the first day of fall.

Part of the reason this answer is so late is because I really, really didn't want summer to end. It felt like it had been long and I had done a lot of things I hadn't before, but it still didn't seem long enough. I wasn't ready for school to start, so I procrastinated answering this question. I meant to do it the weekend before school started but, wouldn't you know, things got busy and I ran out of time.

So anyway, sorry for being so moody about summer that I delayed this question nearly a month. It was pretty great. I read a lot of good books, got to visit ancient Jerusalem a couple of times, grew a really gnarly beard, went longboarding, became the captain of a Bob Dylan Paddleboard Tour, danced in a barn dance, wrote a bunch, and did many great and wonderful things with many other great and wonderful people.

And fall's not as bad as I'd expected it to be.

-Frère Rubik


Dear Fan,

It's been overall a mixed bag. My relationship with Yossarian has been a bit rocky, but he also makes me really happy, so that's confusing. I started a new job, and there are some days that I adore and some days filled with pointless drudgery.

However, Florida summer is painfully hot and humid, so I'm ready for it to end. And Disney has some really amazing Fall offerings that I can't wait for.




Dear Aziraphale,

This summer has had some unexpected turns to it, but it's also been really good.

I mean, I stopped being on the constant verge of panic attacks like I had been by the end of Spring term, so that was a welcome change. Other good things include finding a really cool place to just wander about (and subsequently eventually being politely asked to leave by police--sad day), talking to strangers about their life on islands in the middle of street crosswalks, reading the Count of Monte Cristo along with other great books, going camping in Yellowstone with a friend and there meeting the coolest/most fascinating person I've ever met in real life, going to the Shakespeare festival, camping in Bryce, working on various yoga poses, and reopening connections from my past. And then either tonight or tomorrow, I'll get to meet my newest little niece, who at this precise moment technically hasn't been born yet.

I'm sad to see Summer go, and apprehensive about how well I'll be able to handle my imminent future, but I'd like to think that things have a way of getting even better than previous experience because we've grown into better people with the passage of time.



Dear friend,

The most substantial part of the summer has been kind of establishing myself as a full time freelance writer and trying to get into a rhythm for that. So far, it's doing alright. And now every week that rent's due, I can literally say that I'm a starving artist! Van Gogh would be so proud, hah. But it pays decently and, as long as things continue as they are, I'll have my short-term loan for tuition paid on time. While I miss my coworkers/residents and how purposeful working as an RA felt, this work fits my temperament and introverted nature a lot better. Now, getting fiction works published... that's another, much more trying story. But we'll get there someday.

Other than that, socially things have been good as well. I haven't really been able to say I've had a close group of friends since I was around fourteen. But this summer, I've started to feel that with some friends I hang around and that's meant a lot. They're good people, and I feel lucky to spend time around them. A couple of them occasionally read the Board, so you probably know who you are: thank you so much for being awesome human beings. Love you, dudes! And my Board buddies are pretty dang awesome (as you readers know). It's been fun hanging out with them this summer.

The only tough thing has really been that I wish I'd made tangible headway on the social anxiety thing. It seems to be a constant in my life that I just haven't been able to shake. Sometimes I feel like I'm regressing. In general, actually, I feel like I'm regressing as a decent human being sometimes. But I guess I have my entire life to work on that, so it's fine.

Overall, wonderful summer! Though I am mildly excited for autumn because a) apple cider and b) I'm hoping to make a Newt Scamander costume for Halloween this year and it's gonna be magical. This kind of felt braggy but hopefully it wasn't. Hope yours was wonderful as well and that you have an excellent fall semester.

-Van Goff


Dear Marian Rejewski,

Honestly it was amazing and here are some things:

1. Spent the spring on an internship in Ghana
2. Visited my mission in Poland for two weeks
3. Was the mom of the house while my mom was at girl's camp
4. Had a really fun break in Provo
6. Had a great family reunion and family vacation in southern Utah
7. Had many small adventures too plentiful to enumerate here

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear you,


  1. Finished school.
  2. Started working
  3. Moved to Arizona for Man, Certainly's job. Is hot. Am adjusting.
  4. Studied for bar, took bar, resumed working (remotely)
  5. Am pregnant (due in November, so this has obviously been happening all summer long)

It's been a ride! I love air conditioning.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear Ceiling Fan,

Being married has been a pretty huge life change, but it's also been great, and I wouldn't change it for anything. We're living in a tiny basement apartment that's probably less than 400 square feet, so we jokingly call it our hobbit hole, but I've also really enjoyed making it cute and home-y and ours. 

I went to San Diego and got to kayak on the ocean with sea lions, and go to the zoo and Seaworld and walk on the beach eating ice cream every day, and it was wonderful. While in San Diego I went to Tijuana for a day and had the best street tacos ever, even though I accidentally doused them in super spicy green chili sauce, which I mistakenly believed was cilantro sauce. Oh, and some random Mexican guy told my husband he looks like the nephew of Donald Trump (not a real person, just hypothetically speaking because he's so blond and blue-eyed), which I thought was hilarious.

Q and I drove all night to go to Washington for a wedding, and from there drove to Oregon to see the total eclipse. Then four days later we drove to Phoenix, Arizona for another wedding, so in one week I got really good at long car trips.

I had a job up near Salt Lake, and usually had to commute during rush hour traffic both ways, which was less than enjoyable. But I became a more patient, less road-rage-y driver, so I guess that was a silver lining.

I've watched a lot of Futurama and Arrested Development, and finally read the Mistborn books and realized why everyone raves about them. I also made a dent on my reading list of books that have been sitting on my shelf for far too long, knocking out Dracula and Slaughterhouse Five. Oh, and a couple weeks ago Q bought a high fidelity virtual reality headset, and it's truly so cool and I love having it.

So it's been a good summer! Thanks for asking!



Dear yosef,

Way better than last summer. Given, last summer was a pretty low bar, but still. This one has been pretty great on all fronts. I didn't accomplish all the goals I had, but it's been filled with good things and good people. To top it off I just started working in the temple! I'm having some maybe regrets about choosing the 6 AM shift, but I'm really excited to learn and serve. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf


Dear Fan,

This summer has been pretty good. I haven't been able to do as much hiking as I would have liked, and my dating situation took a turn for the worse pretty quickly after it had finally been looking up for a few weeks, but I've made pretty good progress on my Master's thesis, read books (Anna Karenina took forever, but Beren and Lúthien took a day and Way of Kings and Words of Radiance took 2.5 weeks combined), played video games (mostly The Master Trials expansion to Breath of the WildDarkest Dungeon, and Minecraft), doubled my Reddit comment karma, and generally had a good time. With summer over, I'm trying to get my bike fixed so I can get back into climbing at The Quarry and generally rely less on friends' cars to get to things going on around Provo. And I graduate in December, so that's exciting.

-The Entomophagist


Dear reader,

Summer was great because: 

  • I closed my first residential real estate deal
  • I closed my first commercial real estate deal
  • My wife and I went on a cross-country road trip to check out my preferred law school destination and we also got to see D.C.
  • My wife and I got to see our baby via ultrasound
  • My brother got married and his wife is awesome
  • No homework stress

I hope yours was great too!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear, Sweet Adoration,

Summer was full of adjustments, from moving to relationships to family to work. I applied to graduate school with horrendously written essays, visited my-favorite-place-on-earth-which-is-Colorado again, helped my parents move over an ocean, and worked as a CNA. Let's say this summer has been an experience.

I also had a great last day of summer barbecue with some Board writers and others. That was quite a lovely end to the season. I'm glad to be back on the Board and try once again to be a full-ish writer. I've missed everyone. Also, I'm strangely glad to be back in school...it's simpler than real life sometimes.


The Lone Musketeer