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Question #90317 posted on 09/05/2017 9:22 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Let's say you are a 5th grade teacher expected to dress up for Halloween. Let's also say you actually hate Halloween dressing up, you're (going to be) 32 weeks pregnant, and you have zero dollars to spend on this costume you're expected to wear. What would you dress up as?

Relatedly, if you wanted to dress up a baby as Jackie Paper (from Puff the Magic Dragon), how would you go about doing this? Some money can be spent on this costume if necessary.

-Hypothetically Speaking


Dear you,

To your first one: I'd do something super low-key and use the belly to my advantage. E.g. wear a white t-shirt, draw a black circle on the belly, and fill it with felt circles and be a gumball machine. I'll be like 37 weeks pregnant this Halloween and may well just do something low-key using the belly anyways, since I'm not a huge dress-upper.

Good luck!

~Anne, Certainly


Dear Hypothetically Hypothetical,

From what the googlez are telling me, Jackie Paper has red hair and often wears an orange shirt with orange shorts. So maybe put a tiny red, curly haired wig on your baby (unless said baby already has red hair), dress them in an orange onesie, and get them a stuffed animal dragon. You can find plenty of green dragon stuffed animals on Amazon for reasonable prices, so it shouldn't break the bank, and could provide them with a fun toy to keep.

Then again, until seeing this question I don't think I had ever even heard of Jackie Paper, and I don't know if I even correctly identified him (her?) from my cursory Google images search, so maybe don't take my idea.