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Question #90321 posted on 09/04/2017 5:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
If someone auditions for BYU choirs and their first callback is for Men's Choir or Women's Chorus, does that mean they have been eliminated from consideration for BYU Concert Choir? Any of the choirs would be a privilege to be a part of-just wondering!



Dear Non-gender-specifc Sam,

That depends. The whole process goes:

  • Audition with a Graduate student
  • First callback where you sign up for a time to sing for Sister Hall (Concert Choir or Men's Chorus) or for Sister Applonie (Women's Chorus) in their office
  • A list will be posted for second callbacks for each choir. You will attend one class with all the people returning to the choir and all those who made it past the first callback
  • Finally, there is a sectional with the teacher for the choir you want to join

I'm going to assume you made it past the initial graduate student audition.

If you are a man and you want to audition for both Men's Chorus and Concert Choir you only go to first callbacks once because Sister Hall teaches both Men's Chorus and Concert Choir. If you are a woman you need to sign up for a spot on both Sister Hall's door and Sister Applonie's door and attend both callbacks because Sister Applonie teaches Women's Chorus. There should be a sheet that you filled out (or someone else did for you, such as the graduate student in the initial audition) that said which choirs you are interested in joining.

After that, if your name is not on the Concert Choir list for second callbacks then yes, unfortunately you are not being considered for Concert Choir. Feel free to talk to Sister Hall about not being on the list because she is very nice and will give you very helpful and friendly feedback that will help you do better in your audition for Women's Chorus or Men's Chorus. 

Everyone in the choir department is very helpful and friendly (though stressful during auditions so cut them some slack if you happen upon an agitated grad student) so make sure you speak up and ask questions before audition/callback time.

Good luck!