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Question #90323 posted on 09/06/2017 8:14 a.m.

Dear Frère Rubik,

Board Question #89916 It may have taken me 1800 hours, but HOLY SMOKES THERE REALLY IS HOVER-OVER TEXT IN THE BOARD!!!

So Board...What's the best use (you feel) you've ever put the hover-over text to?

-Corsica S. (Yes, well done Alta. And wow, one really does have to leave their mouse over every word for a while)


Dear Corsica,

I mean, since that question posted, I've put hovertext in the great majority of my answers. And they aren't just on one word, most of them are full sentences, so they're not that hard to find. Sometimes I wonder if they editors ever check for hovertext and what kind of things I would be able to get away with saying.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Seneca,

Well, my last answer with hovertext contained within it was this one. On the whole, while I do occasionally insert hovertext into my responses, I'm not very consistent about it. Additionally, I have a tendency to place the hovertext over just one word, to be a special kind of Easter Egg for that one, hypothetical reader that most likely will never actually cross into hard reality. I recall starting a kind of hovertext thingy, where I'd hold a secret communication with readers, but I can no longer find which fateful answer contained that message. My very favorite use of hovertext was this answer, where I actually separately answered the series of questions completely in hovertext. 

Other notable uses of hovertext include Board Question #89910Board Question #89121, and Board Question #89831

Happy reading, and good luck delving into the thoughts of the writers.