Silence is the virtue of fools. -Sir Francis Bacon
Question #90325 posted on 09/10/2017 12:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I do not smell bad and I do not sweat. A few months ago I ran out of deodorant and just stopped wearing it and I can't tell the difference (this is corroborated by my wife and other close friends who affirm that I don't smell any differently than I did before). I assume that I am a mutant and that this is my power.

Do you have a super power? Something that you can do just because you're you that most people can't do?



Dear Parallel,

I have an absurdly strong sense of taste. When I smell food, that means I can also taste it, and then the aftertastes tend to just linger for me. Sometimes for days. Seriously, my record for the longest lasting aftertaste was 3 days (and good portions of those days were spent sucking on mints, brushing my teeth, and rinsing with Listerine). This also means that often when I eat dessert, it's kind of a mixture with what I had for dinner. Lucky me...



Dear Il,

I have your non-stinky super power as well, but I've also been told that I breathe very regularly when I sleep.

-The Entomophagist


Dear friend,

Oh, this is a weird one but I somehow got roped into joining my ward's volleyball team as a teenager. I spend the first twenty-ish minutes ducking whenever the ball got within a foot of me and being a general hindrance to the team. But then I got to the server's position and somehow managed to score like fifteen points and just generally whamming balls over the net. The team was surprised. I was surprised. But it kept happening, game after game, by some strange miracle. I was completely useless in every other position but when I was server, I earned my dang spot on our team.

Apparently my only positive volleyball trait is that I have a bizarrely good serving arm. My team nickname was the Incredible Hulk, as this was about a year after the Avengers movie came out and I was the team's "secret weapon." It was a good several-ish months to be decent at one specific aspect of a sport. No idea if I've still got it, but it's one of those things I'm still kinda proud of.

-Van Goff


Dear person,

One summer for some reason I didn't shower for three days (ordinarily, I showered every two days). It may have happened more than once. Whatever. Anyways, every time I didn't shower for two or three days and my aunt hugged me, she would tell me that I smell really good.

Consider yourself one-upped.



Dear Two,

Yeah, I never actually started using deodorant consistently until I was 15 and didn't notice any difference once I did start using it, so I guess the two of us are among the extremely blessed, unsmelly people of this world. 

But my true unsung superpower is my double jointed thumbs. Behold:


I don't really know what this is useful for, other than providing an easy fun fact whenever I have to do introductions in class, but I suppose it could hypothetically come in handy sometime.



Dear you,

There were several years where I ate Eggo waffles for breakfast every morning. I got to the point where I could pick a flavor and mentally make them taste that way. I was so used to those waffles that they were a blank canvas for my mouth.

Also, I developed an uncanny ability to know when the waffles would pop out of the toaster. I would point at the toaster, and they'd pop right out.

Now, after discovering I have a wheat intolerance, I eat apples for breakfast instead.