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Question #90344 posted on 09/18/2017 12:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why do you need to do the whole phone call thing when you log into learning suite now? Its REALLY annoying. I get that it's for security, but is it really all that necessary?

- Every BYU Student


Dear all y'all,

I agree, the extra step is annoying. But it's definitely more secure.

Recently I realized that security is a bit more important than I thought. Over the last couple weeks, I've received emails from several different online services, telling me that my accounts have had suspicious activity on them. My guess is that I've used the same password on too many websites, and someone got a hold of it somehow. That's a little scary. So far, not much damage has been done, but imagine what someone with malicious intent could do if they had full access to your BYU account?

Even without the added security, the likelihood of getting hacked is small. But the extra step is kind of like paying insurance—you plan on losing a little bit to protect you against the chance of losing a lot. And besides, with a university this big, a few people probably get hacked every year. The change probably won't help you, but it's likely helping someone out there who would otherwise be hacked.



Dear friend,

If you don't like doing it, check the "keep me logged in for 30 days" box before you choose the notification method. This has saved me some grief when logging in while at the library lately.

-Van Goff


Dear oh hey me too,

I guess because security, but I wanted to chime in to whine because whining is fun. I had to set up DUO at the beginning of the semester and then my phone died about about an hour later. And like died died, not just ran out of batteries. So I couldn't log onto any BYU stuff for awhile. It was not fun.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave