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Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is the coolest thing ever! I'm a freshman here and just discovered this website from someone. I was wondering if you could tell me any other cool secrets about BYU aside from this freakin awesome website? I heard from some people that there is a faculty parking lot near the library that is open at 7:00 pm... but I'm not sure if he was just saying that or not...also I heard that there are places to eat ALL over campus and not just the Wilk. Do you guys have any other cool secrets?

-Sawah Cloof


Dear you,

The 12th floor of the SWKT is locked and they do tests on rats up there.

Oh, and you can sign up for bell tower lessons. It's MUSIC 160R Carillon, and it's awesome.



Dear friend,

Poetry slams! Every first Saturday of the month (7 PM) at the Wall! Entry fee is one haiku, which you can share during intermission! Saturday Night Slam Series is the best underground culture at BYU!

-Van Goff


Dear Freshie,

None of these things feel terribly secret to me, but maybe that's just because I've been here a while:

-There's a huge underground laboratory space in the Eyring Science Center, full of deadly lasers and particle accelerators.

-Supposedly there is a shower in the Clyde Building. Not just one o'them emergency showers, but an actual, regular shower. Legend says that it's there so the engineers never have to leave the Clyde Building at all.

-There are three ghosts in the library. One of said ghosts is a dog.

-Deep within the HFAC there is a room full of dirt and old mannequin parts. It is called the dirt room, and it is perhaps the creepiest thing I have ever heard of here at BYU. I tried to find a picture of it, but it disappeared off of my phone.

-Frère Rubik

P.S. As far as non-Wilk eating locations go, you've got the café in the Museum of Art (known for fancy soups/sandwiches), the Blue Line Deli in the Tanner Building (known tasty quesadillas), and the Pendulum Court Café in the ESC (known for its delicious and economical taco salad). There is also The Wall, which is in the Wilk, but it isn't in the Cougareat, so you may not have heard about it. It is known for having the best gourmet burger in Utah for 2017.


Dear SaGua,

I just get a kick out of the fact that Special Collections in the library has Jimmy Stewart's personal collection of stuff, like his accordion. The story goes that when he was asked why he was donating it to BYU, he said, "They were the first ones to ask for it." That, my friends, is the missionary commitment pattern at work. 


The Lone Musketeer


Dear serer clerf,

I think the parking lot to which your friend was referring was the JFSB parking lot, which you'd find stairs to in the space east of the HBLL atrium and between the JFSB and Talmage buildings. The signs down there will indicate at what time the lot opens to everyone, but 7:00 PM sounds about right. You can't park overnight anywhere on campus, by the way.

I have indicated a number of lesser-known places in Board Question #87840, though perhaps the directions to them in that question are not extremely useful. Oh well.

Not only do they do testing on the locked 12th floor of the SWKT, they also have the campus's best saltwater aquarium. Ask someone who is headed there in the elevator and they might just show you. Worked for me.

Among the other wonders of the Eyring Science Center is the reverberation chamber and—even cooler—the anechoic chamber, a place where there is no echo. It's used for acoustics research, and you can visit it during one of their (extremely poorly advertised) shows or by arranging a tour.

The JFSB has an entire level beneath the basement floor that is used for ventilation. You can see it by going to the railing by the drop-off on the south side of the building. There's actually a ladder that goes down there where you can see into it, but some idiot accidentally locked the gate to the ladder (I'm so sorry! It was an accident!) so now it's difficult to safely access the ladder unless you're really tall.

In Special Collections you can look at all kinds of sweet pulp fiction magazines from the early 20th century. You just have to ask nicely.

Special Collections has an emergency door that runs to the southwest corner of the HFAC. Unless you're a library employee during a library drill, you'll probably never get to see this. I didn't, nor did I see Floor 0 of the library. Lame.

On the north edge of the HFAC there is a stairwell running down into the ground. It's extremely creepy down there, and so the guards from the MOA who have access to it have taken to calling it Zombie Apocalypse Land. Frère Rubik once had to go down there with a police officer to eliminate an accidental bomb scare on the eve of the Provo City Center Temple dedication. True story.

Still in the HFAC, there's a catwalk above the DeJong concert hall. You can sometimes access it after performances via the concrete stairwell just to the south before it gets locked up. Smaller catwalks accesses over other theaters are sometimes left open.

There are open drawing sessions with live models so you can boost your life drawing skills on Fridays in the HFAC, usually (but not always) from 9-12 AM in room A560.

In the Wilkinson Center, if you have the appropriate key (say, if you work as a security guard) there is a small, locked door in the back of the BYU Bookstore stocking area that leads to a series of ventilation stuff that actually leads to somewhere around the bowling alleys. I've been there just once.

All of the new Heritage Halls are connected by tunnels. They're locked, though.

You'll get in massive trouble (we're talking a $300 dollar fine) if you are found in the actual tunnels, which have a number of (locked) entrances around campus, the most common of which are the grated manholes you'll find in places like the lawn by the west doors of the library atrium and in the lawn on the southwest corner of the MOA. I'm not recommending it—again, you'd get in a lot of trouble—but sometimes on hot summer days the tunnel entrances in the north parking lot of the Marriott Center have been known to be open, presumably with someone working down inside (I didn't go in).

I have other secrets, but you'd probably have to ask another question to find them out.
I'll leave you with some bonus info, though—Board Question #83424 has a few more cool places, and if you're really craving some information, use the Board's Search function to find out nearly 20 years of rumors and secrets by selecting the sub-categories "BYU Campus (physical)" and the less-reliable-but-still-interesting "BYU Rumors/Myths" and specify "newer to older" to keep things current. If you're feeling lazy, just scroll to the top of this question and click on those category boxes, or just click on the hyperlinked text I've made to get you there faster.

Regarding the BYU Campus (physical) tag, the Board has really collected some interesting information about how things have changed over the years. I'm quite impressed at the work of past writers. It's neat stuff. 

Suerte quenching your thirst for the clandestine,

--Ardilla Feroz