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Question #90357 posted on 09/22/2017 12:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am always losing and forgetting things. It is quite inconvenient. Recently I have lost or forgotten scriptures, car keys, wallet, calculator, and I'm beginning to lose my mind. Any tips for not losing things?

-Scatterbrained student


Dear Scatterbrained,

Just like the other writers who have answered, I definitely like using specific places for my most important things. This has mostly involved me training myself to empty my pockets before I put my clothes in the hamper, then dumping the contents of my pockets on my desk. Doesn't always work perfectly, but it's helped me a lot.

Also, a lanyard for my keys has been really helpful, which is probably a simple answer for most people, but I tried to carry around my individual keys for a while and that was a terrible idea and I'd lose them all the time.

Also practicing any kind of organizational technique has really improved my general organizational skills. Basically, I feel like any attempt on my part to be more organized just makes me more aware of my planning and organization. Hopefully that made some sense.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear Scatter,

I have a system of set places where everything goes (excepting, unfortunately, all my computer files--I really need to be better at organizing them). Depending on frequency of use, I'll sometimes have multiple places that a certain thing will be based on the time of day (like my phone or keys). This way, I always know where to look for anything.

Something that's key in this system is that whenever I remove something from it's set location, I always put it back. I know this seems painfully simple to include as a point in my answer, but that's really the difference (at least, for me) in remembering where things are.



Dear student,

Similar to Anathema, I always try and put things where they go. And rather than trying to remember a big list of places, I try to put things where it makes sense for them to go. Then, even if I forget where I put it, I can look in the place where I would put it, and it's usually there.

It might take some time to build those habits, but hopefully it will be worth it! Best of luck.