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Question #90367 posted on 10/01/2017 8:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How does the BYU-I culture compare to the BYU Provo culture? Both in the school setting and the ward setting.

-Stayin' in Salt Lake


Dear SLC,

My dad graduated from BYU and is currently teaching at BYU-I, so he knows a lot about both schools. I decided to ask him to get a little more perspective, here's what we came up with between school and ward culture.

School/Social: My Dad says "I would say that the biggest difference is the level of competitiveness. At BYU pretty much everyone that goes there was a straight A in high school. At BYU-I they have a much wider range of students. You'll have a study group of 5 people and you'll have 1 C student, 1 A student, and a couple of B students. Classes have more group projects and group work at BYU-I than at BYU. I'm not saying one or the other is better but they're both different. Another big difference is that Rexburg is a smaller town; there are only 2 grocery stores, so I run into students all the time at the grocery stores. Another thing is that I feel that BYU-I incorporates religion more into normal classes. At BYU you call your religion professor Brother or Sister, and the others maybe doctor, or professor, but at BYU-I everyone is brother or sister. Again, not saying that either one is better, but it is what it is." Another cultural thing I've noticed is that for devotionals, everyone goes, and everyone dresses up. Also, there aren't any sports teams, but people still watch a lot of sports and do intramurals and are involved that way. 

Wards: I've only gone to a student ward once, and it seemed quite similar to BYU. Everyone I know that goes to BYU-I has said positive things about their wards. I don't know if they do this at BYU in Provo, but because of the track system, at any given time about 1/3 of the students aren't in semester, so during breaks sometimes multiple wards will meet together because many students go home for the break. I don't know a whole lot more but it seems pretty similar to things in Provo.