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Question #90392 posted on 09/25/2017 10:56 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am about to apply to BYU for fall 2018. I heard that the essay questions will be different this year. Do you have any information on that? Do you have any other suggestions to make me look super amazing to the admissions board?



Dear Future Cougar,

Unfortunately, viewing the BYU application involves creating a Net ID, and since I already have one I'm not really eligible to view the application. I haven't heard any rumors about the essays changing, but either way my advice is to take your time on them, doing your absolute best. And overall, remember that while you should definitely answer whatever questions they ask you, you should mainly be answering the overarching questions of "Why would I be an asset to BYU?"

If you keep that advice in mind, then you should be focusing on a few major points: What makes you special or unique compared to other applicants? How would your presence be an asset to BYU culture and academia? How would you take advantage of the many opportunities that BYU offers, in terms of spirituality and academics and sociality?

Be sure to include all the extracurricular information that you can. If you have time, take the SAT or ACT again to see if you can improve your score. Before you submit your essays or really any part of your application, have someone else look over it to see where you could make improvements.

Good luck!