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Question #90394 posted on 10/03/2017 12:58 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've been trying to radically reduce my carbon footprint and have gone vegan since a life changing experience this summer. As a result of this transition I eat out dramatically less, as it's easier to know that I can cook whatever I want rather than having to settle for whatever I can fit into my diet at a restaurant. However, I still am a college student with a more than full schedule of classes and work, and do still like the convenience of getting food right when I need it. What are some of the best vegan food options (in your opinion) from 1) on campus dining services and 2) Provo overall?

-Virtual Vegan


Dear Virtuoso,

Just as a suggestion, you could cook a lot of different (or the same, whatever you so desire) food once a week, and then take that food with you to campus. That way you don't need to expend time or money on procuring sustenance whilst in the midst of business. Personally, as I average around 14 hours on campus per day, this is what I do, and it works great. There are publicly available microwaves in various buildings to heat up said food as well, so you don't just need to eat cold things. In that line, depending on your program, you might have access to fridges, cupboards, and the like.



Dear Very Vermilion,

Good on you for switching up your lifestyle. I messaged the president of the BYU Veg Club for suggestions. He told me he is actually working on a site to help students eat vegan and vegetarian on BYU campus; in the meantime, he suggests you like the BYU Veg Club Facebook page, where he has recently written a few posts about where to eat on campus. Other people in the group would be an excellent resource for the broader Provo and Utah vegan scene. 

I did contact one other friend, who helpfully noted you at Taco Bell "you can ask for anything 'fresco' style and BAM!.. Its veganized." Off-campus, she recommends Pita Pit.


--Ardilla Feroz, who finally found tempeh at a store for the first time like two days ago


Dear vegan,

I just wanted to point out that you are eating all of the plants that transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. How could you!?

-Sunday Night Banter