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Question #90405 posted on 10/05/2017 11:08 p.m.

Dear omniscient ones,

How is it you filter the content that flows through the Board, to ensure it is always up to the standards of BYU? How large of a burden is it generally on those who do review and edit it? Does the department which sponsors the Board do much reviewing as well?

-Writing a paper


Dear Writing A Paper,

Every answer that posts on the 100 Hour Board must be read by at least two people, a writer and an editor. It is mostly the editor's responsibility to make sure that answer content is in line with BYU standards, though writers are free to add their own thoughts on the appropriateness of an answer if they choose. We also have a couple of proofreaders on the staff that offer another level of approval. Though their contributions are mostly grammatical, they are also free to comment on the appropriateness of an answer if they see fit.

Presently, the Board is not sponsored by any BYU organization, but if we ever are sponsored we will work out some editorial agreement with whoever chooses to sponsor us. This would likely take the form of a faculty Board advisor who would either approve every Board answer or to whom the editors would send answers that they wanted to make sure were in line with BYU policy.

Editor approvals are more time-consuming than writer approvals, seeing as how the editors must read through the answers more carefully and also look over any linked website to make sure that it is appropriate to reference on the Board. All told, this doesn't add as much of a time obligation as you may think to the editors' workload, but it does mean that editors may post regular Board answers less frequently to account for the extra time needed in approvals.

-An Editor