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Question #90446 posted on 10/04/2017 7:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can you buy new VCRs anymore? I'm seeing all these Disney VHSs at DI and I just want to buy them all. Don't care if they're not high quality. $1 is way better than $20 for us cause we're not "movie people.'

-New VCRs?


Dear maybe,

New VCRs today are pretty pricey. If you go to Amazon, Sears, or Walmart, you're looking at $250+. A number of stores, like Best Buy, don't have them in stock anymore. If you're getting a VCR to save money, buying a new one probably isn't the way to go.

Used VCRs are much cheaper - Amazon has a number of them. The cheapest I saw was $30, though most seem to be about $60. Price-wise, eBay seems to be the way to go. I found one for $2.43. (Might be a little leery of that one, though.)

You could also do what carless BYU students do - find someone with the item you need and convince them that you're best friends. You'll get a VCR and a movie buddy at the same time!

-guppy of doom