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Question #90466 posted on 10/08/2017 2:50 p.m.

Hi Board people,

Some of you appear to be new. Care to introduce yourselves?

-Board person


Dear Board Person,

I already did so in Board Question #90449, but inspired by guppy of doom's fantastic limerick, I will now introduce myself in a slightly more... poetic form than my first introduction.


I am the T to the I to the double P-E-Rary.

I know T-Swift lyrics so well that it's actually kinda scary.

How excited to write for the Board am I? Very.

I come from the burbs, Utah, near Salt Lake City.

Grew up in a bubble but the landscape sure is pretty

The mountains are my home, the snow my inspiration

BYU my school, America my nation

I like to explore, and I love to be outside. 

But I spend most my days and hours in the Clyde.

But I still find time for fun, and all the baking I can afford.

But my sweetest new hobby is writing for the Board!


Peace Y'all!

Tipperary out.


Dear bored person,

There once was a girl from the tropics
Who thought girls' jeans should have more pockets
She applied for the Board
'Cuz it made her less bored
And now's answering all kinds of topics!

So now there's the guppy of doom
Who loves philosophical tomes
She'll answer your queries
With jokes and/or theories
Especially 'bout pockets with room

-guppy of doom


Dear Board Friend,

I am Babalugats. I love music, nature, bikes, cute boys and cartoons. If I were a bread I would be a wholewheat sourdough baguette. If I were a dog I would be a border collie. My spirit guides are Bruce Lee, Brak, and Henry B. Eyring. I am not above taking two naps in one day.



Dear Person who is now less Bored,

I am your classic ISTJ college student. I love Netflix, racquetball, soccer, and sleeping (we had a general authority come to my mission and tell us that we would get more sleep on our missions than we would for the next 40 years of our lives. We laughed. He was right). I have an awesome wife and a cat. They're the best. Sometimes I fight tunnel worms on the weekend. Just for fun.