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Question #90467 posted on 10/08/2017 5:50 p.m.

Hey 100 Hour Board,

The other day after downing a level 10 Cupbop combo, I was walking past the Life Sciences Building, and I thought to myself,

"Wow, that building has a lot of glass!"
So I guess my question is: How much glass is really in the LSB?

-Vsauce Michael


Dera V-Salsa,

At least 5.

No really--a lot more than 5. I was able to calculate how much glass is in the LSB, (And by glass I mean exterior glass only). Before I get to the details though, I just want to go and state the obvious and say that finding out how much glass there is was quite difficult. (I was warned, but I it did anyways, FOR SATIATING THE CURIOSITY OF OUR READERS!)

As you can see here:


The Life Science Building has a lot of glass. What made it tricky though is its complex shape. The Life Science Builiding has 16 sides, descends down a hill, and is 5 stories tall. I couldn't just use a measuring tape, so I had to get creative. I measured what I could with my handy dandy measuring tape, and everything else I measured by counting bricks, or by measuring equally sized panes of glass elsewhere on the building. To help me keep track I drew things out on some engineering paper.


The two entrances were especially tricky. I couldn't see them well, so I had to go in and measure them afterwards in google earth.


I can safely assure you that no window was missed. Not even  these sneaky little windows  were able to hide from me.


(You can run, but can't hide! Actually, you can't run, and you do hide, but you can't hide from the Board!)

So how much glass is in the LSB? Here are my calculations. I started with this side and called it side A.

Side A.PNG

I proceeded around the building counter clockwise. In case you get lost I'll include pictures of side F, side L, and tell you when I get to the entrances. Dimensions are listed width x height. I measured the windows in inches, but I give the answers in square feet because square inches gives ridiculously huge numbers.

Side A

 18 61"x95" windows=724.4 sq ft.

Side B

 3 61"x95" windows=120.7 sq ft.

Side C

1 111"x366" wall of glass=282.2 sq ft.

Side D

1 369"x366" wall of glass=937.9 sq ft.

Side E

5 54"x60" windows

15 54"x81" windows

1 260"x481 glass panel with 2 glass doors

Total =1,436.6 sq ft.

Side F


1 159.5"x481" rectangle

1 255"x115" rectangle 

1 660"x251" rectangle

(These 3 are all connected)

1 54"x199" rectangle

1 68"x185" rectangle

34 54"x81" windows

23 61"x95" windows

Total=3,714.2 sq ft.

Side G

39 61"x95" windows=1,569.5 sq ft.

Side H

21 55X63" panels

40 55"x23.5" panels

Total=864.4 sq ft.

Side I--First Floor Entrance, green houses, glass on 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors

Approximately 22 sections of glass equal to 160"x90"=2,200 sq ft.

Side J

21 55X63" panels

40 55"x23.5" panels

Total=864.4 sq ft.

Side K

25 61"x95" windows=1,006.1 sq ft

Side L


19 61"x95" windows

38 54"x81" windows

1 61"x123" panel

1 660"x251" panel

1 255"x115" panel

1 195"x481" panel

(these 4 attached, next one right below)

1 54"x199" panel

Total=4,018.8 sq ft

Side M

1 260"x481" wall of glass

8 54"x81" sneaky windows

Total=1,111.5 sq ft.

Side N

2 54"x81" windows=60.8 sq ft.

Side O

12 61"x95" windows

1 160"x90" set of doors 

1 237"x372" panel attached directly above doors

Total=712.2 sq ft.

Side P

1 953"x276" wall of glass

1 weird stair step shaped panel equivalent to 9 123"x32" panels

Total=2072.6 sq ft.

Side Q

13 46"x84" sub panels=371.6 sq ft.

Side R--4th Floor entrance near the MARB

Aproximately 9 sections of glass or doors equal to 160"x90" each= 900 sq ft.

Side S

13 46"x84" sub panels=371.6 sq ft.


Now for the grand total! My calculations aren't going to be perfect, but I'd say that they're definitely within 10-15% of the exact amount. So, according to my calculations there is 23,339 square feet of glass in the LSB!!! To put that in perspective, that's as much as 1,300 standard windows. This much glass would cover roughly 1/2 of a football field (our team doesn't cross the 50 anyways, so we could do it without interfering). 23,339 square feet of glass 1 inch thick would weigh around 306,000 lbs, which is the equivalent of 23 Male African Elephants. Finally if we melted down this much glass and reformed it we could make around 79,000 glass slippers.

As you can see my friend, 23,339 sq ft. of glass is an incredibly huge amount of glass

Answering this question was really fun, but also pretty intense. Maybe next time you could ask for a smaller quantity, like say "how many dead lions are there in the LSB?"


There's exactly one in case you were wondering.