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Question #90513 posted on 11/04/2017 6:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have any of you ever worked at the MTC? Did you like it?



Dear mtc,

I worked in the Cafeteria for a year. I liked it a lot, actually. I liked my coworkers and it was super nice to have very nice and spiritual people constantly thanking me for just doing my job. It's a pretty good work environment, plus you get to see newly departed friends who just arrived in the MTC. Despite there being tons of missionaries, if you get the right jobs and keep an eye out, you'll probably see your friends (if your friends are that age). You don't even need to interview, just send an email to someone who works there and they'll have you come in for training.

The pay isn't the best but once I left they started giving employees a discount coupon for like 50% off any food in the Cougareat which would have been amazing to have during the last semester I worked there. I didn't actually get to eat much food there (I still had to pay for any meals that I would eat there except on special occasions like when all the new Mission Presidents are there) but when I did eat there I was very happy with the quality of most food. Some people hated it but I loved it.

I would definitely recommend this job for anyone looking for a basic, get-me-through-a-few-semesters job. They also hire a ton over the summer and I think you get like 1.5 pay for working over Christmas break.

So there you go.



Dear Mysterious Nasty Hats,

I passed this question on to my husband, and here's what he had to say:

Dear mnh,

I'm not a board writer, but oh, have I worked at the MTC. Over the years I have worked in the Cafeteria, Custodial, IT, and Application Development. So I have done a lot of different things there, but I've never once been a teacher or worked directly with missionaries. 
Overall, I've really enjoyed my time working at the MTC. It's an interesting environment because every department's purpose is to help missionaries. Personally I enjoyed some jobs at the MTC much more than other ones, but that's the way it is everywhere. I recently read an article about how being a human resources 'talent channels specialist' at Google is a terrible job, even though being a programmer/engineer at Google is amazing. If you want, I can break down each job I had, its pros and cons, and what it was like. I'll just do that anyway for the sake of being thorough. 
Cafeteria Worker: I had this job back in 2013 right before my mission. Back in those days MTC West was a thing, and I worked in the Cafeteria there. I mostly worked the breakfast shift, and the managers were so cool that I always got free breakfast and a 15 minute break to eat it every day (I hear this never happens at the normal MTC). This job overall was pretty boring. I would serve food, restock the milk machines and cereal bins, sometimes I would work in the dish room. I wouldn't recommend it on the list of the most fun jobs, and it just paid minimum wage (I think it was $7.75 an hour). You kind of saw missionaries, but you never interacted with them. Also, I was required to work one Sunday a month so that missionaries could eat. The MTC provided the sacrament to all the cafeteria workers on Sundays which was kind of cool. Really, it was hard work without much pay. 
Residence Custodial: I had this job right after I got back from my mission. My brother had this job and he talked to his boss and got me an interview. This job paid about a dollar more than the Cafeteria (I think it was $9.25 an hour), and there were some nice perks. I worked in a residence hall, and mostly prepped rooms for new missionary arrivals. You would not believe the amount of trash some missionaries leave when they leave the MTC. It was my job to throw away all the trash, clean all the closets, vacuum, dust, that sort of thing. One perk was that we got to keep a lot of stuff that the missionaries left. This mostly was a lot of snack food, but also was a life time supply of shampoo and soap. Sadly, I was never working when missionaries were doing service. I hear that can be pretty fun because you can talk to missionaries without being their teacher or fake investigator. This job was pretty independent, and I mostly listed to music and audio books when I cleaned. I left after only a month for a better job though. 
IT Engineer: I left being a custodial worker to work in the IT department at the MTC. This is the department that keeps track of all the computers and tablets at the MTC, and helps people with their computer problems. I applied to work as a Service Desk Analyst, but ended up being offered a job in a slightly different department, but still spent some time working as a Service Desk Analyst. Service Desk Analysts are the ones that sit at the IT Service Desk, and help people with any problems they have. The starting pay was pretty good at $11.50 an hour, and as you pass off certifications you get $0.50 raises. You get to meet a lot of people that are having computer issues, and I learned a lot about computer problems. I had great coworkers, and it was a fun job. I left this job after about a year because they decided to dissolve my department, but guaranteed us job placement in other departments. To be clear, there are still Service Desk Analysts, but the IT Engineering department was dissolved. 
Programmer: My current job at the MTC is a junior programmer. It pays really well (starting at $16.33 an hour) and I get a $0.50 raise every semester (at least that seems to be what's happened). I have flexible hours, and a great boss and coworkers. My team works directly on the Tall language learning products. I work on the iPad and iPhone apps that help missionaries learn their language. I don't work directly with missionaries here, but I'm sure that many missionaries use the tools that I work on. This is probably my favorite job that I've had at the MTC. A part of that might be because it applies directly to what I'm studying, but it's also just a great job. I also get my own cubicle with whiteboard, which is pretty nice. 
So as you can see there are many different jobs at the MTC, that cover a lot of different things. There are whole departments that I've never really seen or worked in, but that are important to the functioning of the MTC. If you are thinking about working at the MTC, then I hope you realize that there are a ton of things that you could do. I have met a lot of great people working at the MTC, and I think it's a great experience. Of course, your experience might vary, but there are usually always openings. If you find yourself in a job you don't like, apply to another one. The MTC likes to see that you've worked for them before, and it makes it easier to get other jobs. 
I hope that helps,
If you were looking for people with experience teaching at the MTC, sorry we can't be of more help. From my friends who have taught there, though, they seem to really love it, although their schedule seems to be more demanding/rigid than a lot of other MTC jobs.

Dear you,

I was a custodian for a bit. It was super fun and I felt happy there. It helped me decide to go on my mission. Definitely got tired of it after a while though.