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Question #90623 posted on 12/05/2017 7:23 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Is there a way to temporarily disable your Facebook account, so you can “reactivate” it later?

-I’m sick of political rants and everything else but I can’t stop getting on


Dear About Face,

This doesn't actually disable your account, but you could have a family member change your password for you so that you can't log on until they give you the password. 




Dear hopefully patient person,

Yeah, just deactivate it. Unless you've specifically chosen to delete it, they'll keep alllll your data and stuff and you'll just pick up where you left off. Here's a brief explanation by Facebook themselves. One note: If you are the admin to any group, it automatically kicks you out, as happened in my untimely accidental self-exile from the leadership of the International Larry Bird Destruction Society.


--Ardilla Feroz