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Question #90641 posted on 11/12/2017 9:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What's new?

-A Fan


Dear Fan,

A lot, actually. Let's talk about what's going down:

As many of you know, since Winter Semester of 2010, the Board has been an independent organization (it says so right there on our "Contact Us" page). Our tie to BYU has only been through our name, our URL, and the server space that the Board occupies. Since that time, we've looked for an official sponsor to solidify our connection with BYU, but things haven't really panned out the way we'd hoped.

Throughout this time, we've periodically been contacted by the Office of IT (OIT) when they stumble across our website and notice that we're not connected, officially, to any BYU organization. Usually, the agreement has been that we're fine to occupy our server space and URL while we're still looking for a sponsor. This year, however, OIT asked us to move to a different server (as they're moving all BYU websites on this server to newer facilities), and also requested that we change our URL to reflect our unofficial BYU status. For a while we were meeting with them to see if they could potentially sponsor us, and while talks were positive, ultimately the decision was out of their hands and they were told not to offer sponsorship. Despite this, they have been extremely helpful in helping us find new server space and prepare for the re-direct to the new URL.

With all of that in mind, what's going to change around here?

  1. We are moving to a new URL. While we are attached to "theboard.byu.edu," since we're not an official BYU organization, we're moving off the "byu.edu" domain so as to avoid confusion. The new domain name will be "100hourboard.org." For a short time, typing in the old address will still re-direct you to the new one, but eventually we'll take the re-direct down, so you'll probably want to update your bookmarks so that you don't end up stranded later on down the line.

  2. We are moving to a new server, provided by domains.byu.edu. This is a free service offered by the university to any and all students, faculty, and staff, so we'll be able to keep the Board running (for free!) so long as it's attached to a BYU student. This may not seem like something worth announcing, but we're bringing it up because it relates to the next point:

  3. We're updating the Board website. We've gotten a lot of feedback from writers and readers over the years since Board 5.0 was implemented for things we want to change. In addition, our webmaster team (consisting of Spectre and Django Fett) has encountered some issues in transferring the Board from one server space to another. While the present goal is still to just move the Board over to the new server space as it is, Django Fett has also expressed interest in doing a complete re-write of the Board's code, resulting in Board 6.0. We've been warned by previous Board webmasters that this endeavor will likely take a lot longer than we expect, so we're not going to put any sort of timeline on it, but big changes could potentially come further down the line.

Now, here's what's going to stay the same:

  1. The existence of the 100 Hour Board. To put it frankly, we're not going anywhere. We care about you readers and this strange, kooky website we're all a part of too much to let it die. Before OIT led us to BYU Domains, we were considering other paid options to keep the Board going. We even had several alumni offer to help pitch in with the costs of running the Board, which was very kind of them. Even if we're not official BYU anymore (and we may still continue to pursue sponsorships from other organizations, so that may change in the future), we believe that we have something special to offer to the BYU community and the rest of the internet at large, and by golly, we're going to keep offering it.

  2. Current 100 Hour Board policies. So far as we can see, nothing is going to change about the way the 100 Hour Board currently operates. While we're not officially bound by the BYU Honor Code or Policy, we still feel that our connection to BYU standards is what sets our little website apart, so we're planning on keeping things the way they are. If further down the line we decide otherwise, we'll let you all know.

  3. Our name. We worried that still calling ourselves the "BYU 100 Hour Board" might not fly, but from what we've heard, it doesn't seem like it'll be an issue. Since we're still a website by BYU students and largely for BYU students and Alumni (though, of course, we love all of our readers that have no connection to BYU at all), we think it appropriate to still keep BYU in our name, with the reminder that whatever we say here does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or policies of BYU, the LDS Church, or any organization affiliated with them (as it says in our footer text).

Lastly, we just want to thank you, the readers of the 100 Hour Board, for your continued patronage and support. We've been a little understaffed, editorial-wise, since all of these changes started, and that has partially added to a large, unsightly pile of overdue questions in the inbox. We thank you all for your patience in this, and as soon as we're settled in we're going to take a proverbial machete to that overdue thicket and get it cut down to a more reasonable size (one would hope we could get rid of it entirely, but then we wouldn't be the 100 Hour Board, would we?).

Again, we love all of you and thank you for sticking with us, and we can't wait to see what bold and bright future lies ahead with all of you.


-The Editors of the 100 Hour Board