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Question #90642 posted on 12/04/2017 8:02 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This afternoon found me in a wild. catatonic stupor involving a wimpy bag of Doritos, surprisingly fresh-tasting Kroger applesauce, and the Tanner building ceiling, the latter being the subject of my inquiry. Why is there one pane of glass that's not like the others? It's not clear (the pane). Is it some kind of hatch?

-The wonderer


Dear Wonderer,

1. It came to pass that in the twenty and first year of the reign of the editors, yea, the first year in reign of the new URL a question arose in the land. Yea, the people did ponder upon the darkened pane of glass upon the glass ceiling of the Tanner Building, for it was mysterious and its origin unknown.

2. And behold, the people did wonder. And they went forth and did inquire of the Board. 

3. And it came to pass that in the same year there was a great battle in the land. Yea, the students of Brigham Young did battle against midterms. And the battle was fierce, and there were many casualties. 

4. And it came to pass that in the same season that the student did make battle against the midterms there arose up out of the land finals. And the finals did make battle against the students and the carnage thereof was great and terrible. 

5. Yea, the battle was terrible that even the omniscience of the writers of the Board was heavily taxed. 

6. And it came to pass that despite the hardship thereof, the writers did nobly answer a great number of questions, yea inquiries of every type and kind. And they did respond to the questions despite the wounds which midterms had inflicted upon them. 

7. And it came to pass that a writer beset with much homework, yeah and much studying did flee north up out of the land of Clyde and did pass through the land of Richards to fulfill that which was required of him by one of his classes. 

8. And while in the land of Richards he did remember the inquiry, and he did venture up into the land of Tanner, yea, he did venture into a great and spacious building. 

9. And he beheld the panel, yea he did behold the panel with his very eyes. 

10. And he did attempt to investigate further but his attempts to come close unto the pane were foiled for he was lost and confused and could not reach the higher floors to investigate.

11. And it came to pass that he did ponder upon the pane, and the darkness thereof. And he did record it yea, he did even take a picture thereof:


12. And he did ponder for a season, and he did note that the panel did appear to be fastened like unto the other panels. Yea, he did observe that panel did appear the same as the other panels in every way except for the shade thereof. And it came to pass that he did not observe anything upon the roof that would suggest that the panel was a latch, nor could he imagine a practical purpose for a latch in that place.

13. And it came to pass that the writer did suppose that the original panel had been damaged, and that it had been replaced with a different panel, yea, a more durable Plexiglas that did darken in the sun.

14. And he did finish his epistle. And it came to pass that being a Probie, and not yet fully omniscient he did solicit corrections from the wise readers of the land and he did send his epistle unto the Editors.

15. And it came to pass that he did ascend again unto the land of Clyde. And it is known not whether he did survive the battle with finals but whether he survives it mattereth not.

15. And it came to pass that the Editors did receive his epistle and they did approve it and it was sent throughout the land. And the twenty and first year in the reign of the editors did end in war against the midterms and finals. And thus endeth the epistle.

-1st Epistle of Tipperary

posted on 12/06/2017 5:22 p.m.
I used to be on the BYU Window Crew so I asked my old boss about it. He said when the original window was broken the Powers That Be ordered the wrong replacement window but when it arrived they had already removed the broken window and couldn't put it back, so the darker pane got to stay.