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Question #90644 posted on 11/16/2017 7:20 a.m.

Bonjour 100 Hour Board,

Ma fiancée (amour de ma vie) est une fille américaine. Pardon my French, for you cute English speakers, but I just said: my fiancee (love of my life) is an American girl.

I hail from Paris, France, but have lived in Quebec, Canada for 3 years. This is where I met mon amour when she was visiting an old college roommate.

She and I have scheduled our sealing date in the Salt Lake Temple in early spring. However, neither I nor she is from Utah. But the Salt Lake Temple has played a big role in both of our lives so we decided on this place.

We want to have a Mormon traditional reception in a cultural hall, but since neither I nor our families are from Utah, how do we go about finding and scheduling a cultural hall? We would like it to be close to Temple Square or at least in Salt Lake City, but we are clueless about how we go about reserving a cultural hall, and if it's even possible. How do foreign individuals reserve a cultural hall near the temple they're getting sealed in??

We have a few friends that will attend our sealing, but they live about 3 hours south of Salt Lake City, and since my fiancee is a bit disabled -- she is not able to do all that traveling in one day. So we really need to find one near Salt Lake City. How do we go about doing that?

We asked our Branch President here in Montreal, but he didn't have any suggestions. So we call upon you at this time, and hope that you would share your wealth of knowledge with us or use your many resources to assist us in this delightful, but stressful time.


-Pepé Le Pew


Cher Pepé Le Pew,

Congratulations on getting married! The Salt Lake temple is beautiful, and I'm really excited for you.

I asked around, and I now have a phone number for someone to book a cultural hall about 3 blocks from the Salt Lake temple. This is the person who was in charge of booking the cultural hall just a few months ago, so I assume it's still the same person. I don't want to publish their name and number on the internet, so send me an email at alta@theboard.byu.edu, and I'll pass the contact information on to you, along with the exact address of the church.

Best of luck in your marriage!