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Question #90645 posted on 12/05/2017 9:50 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board Bargain-Hunters or Romantics,

Mon amour and I are trying to plan a Utah wedding while we are living abroad. It's confusing and stressful.

Because we are broke college students and are paying personally to fly out my parents from France so they can attend the sealing (they are down-on-their-luck lately financially speaking, but my parents must be there) in addition to our own flights and also already hosting a small open-house for our French family, our budget for the Utah reception is only about $1500.

Not initially wanting to have a reception in a cultural hall, our string-shoe-budget seems to limit us to that (we also need a piano, and a lot of the Utah venues don't have pianos)! That brings us to you creative people.

Which wedding decorating service (in Utah) would you recommend for Cultural Halls? We did a preliminary search online, and saw that there are about 15 different companies, but we're not sure how good they are. We would like to include in our budget, white sheer wall drapings (that have back lighting), ceiling package (parachute linen), linen, chair ties, centerpieces, etc. Basically, we're going for this look. Do you know who can do this for an affordable price?

Ones I looked at online are: Wedding Dreamer at 5th East, Hoopes Events, I Do Decor, Weddings Unique, etc. Let us know others that are cheap, but good that we don't know about? Which company is your favorite and why?

-Pepé Le Pew

P.S. You can read my previous question Board Question #90644 about How to even schedule a cultural hall when you're from out of town/out of the country? How do you get the phone numbers for the building scheduler?


Dear futuresight,

We've kept this question over far too long, with far too few results. It doesn't look like any of us here at the Board knows, and it's quite possible you've already made a decision after, what, a month of waiting for an answer? I'm sorry. In an effort to not leave you completely empty-handed, we're soliciting reader input to your question. 

--Ardilla Feroz

P.S. I have attended one wedding reception that visually matches what you are looking for, but I cannot remember any details. I'll comment if anything useful comes to mind.

posted on 12/06/2017 5:22 p.m.
You could always see if somebody can deliver and rent a piano. I know of a few people who would play string instruments, harp, or something for cheap. You could even do that at a park if you don't want the cultural hall. I've seen a few receptions there with little decor that look great.
Good luck! Long distance wedding planning is my own nightmare :)