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Question #90696 posted on 12/13/2017 3:17 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are you grateful for this year?



Dear Daisy,

Well, this has been a really eventful year, and I couldn't possibly recount every single thing that I'm grateful. But I'll give some of the first things that come to mind for me.

 - Friends that will drop anything and come to my aid, friends that will support me in my crazy endeavors, and friends that will listen to me and sincerely care about me.
 - Music. I would not have made it through most of this year without music. I'm grateful that I can listen to so many different types of music and that I have nice instruments that I have the opportunity to play.
 - I'm grateful for Twitter, even though it is a trash fire I love it and it is my home.
 - I'm grateful for Brené Brown. She has fantastic books, and The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly have really been formative and have given me a lot to think about recently.
 - My opportunities to travel this summer were amazing, and I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Ghana and Poland this year.
 - I'm so thankful for creators, musicians, writers, poets, and artists that inspire me and create meaning.
 - I'll be forever grateful for my counselor at the CAPS center here at BYU for helping me express a lot about myself and face a lot of things I didn't want to face.
 - The gospel is something that's been massively important to me, but every year coming to understand the gospel means more and more to me.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear Princess Peach,

Thanks for asking this question! I have received more tender mercies than I could possibly deserve. Here are some of my favorite tender mercies as of late:

  • Thanksgiving Break: Honestly the break could not have come at a better time. I was running on empty physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was so nice to just chill with family, watch football, nap, and eat good food all week.
  • School: This semester has been my toughest but most rewarding semester yet. I got wrecked by my classes, but I'm learning so much and becoming involved in amazing things. My classes just keep getting cooler and I'm growing so much. Also, BYU is so full of concerts, sporting events, clubs, teams, and awesome people that it's ridiculous. 
  • Friends: My first year at BYU I had zero interaction with my roommates and had few friends. This time my roommates are normal, fun, cool, active in the church, and we actually do stuff together! I had no idea what I was missing out on. I have also made so many friends, especially in my program. It's so great that at pretty much anytime there's someone around me I can ask for homework help, or vent to, or tell jokes with. I couldn't do it without them.
  • Family: My family is just so awesome. I don't know what lottery I won to have them but I hit the jackpot. I don't know what I would do without my parents, siblings and cousins. Extra big shout outs to my cousins here at BYU, Auto Surf and my other cousin who I shall dub Manchester, you guys are the greatest. Also shout out to my siblings who live far away but are always there for me. Love y'all!

Hope everyone else had as amazing of a Thanksgiving as I did!




Dear friend,

Thank you so much for asking this question! It's always good to have a reason to step back and think about what you're thankful for. Hope you have a lot of blessings in your life, too, and that you're able to see/appreciate them.

  • My family, how lucky we are to have each other. I'm really grateful that they live close and that we have a loving, healthy relationship. Without my family, life would be so lonely. Many times, their love has been the only thing that's kept me going. Of all things in life, this is what I am most grateful for.
  • The Gospel and how, the older I get, the more intricate and mysterious it seems to be. Sometimes that can be a frustrating thing but it's also beautiful how complex life is and how, even if we don't understand it now, the Gospel provides an ultimate meaning in life.
  • My friends—for their example, their kindness, and their support. Most of all, the little moments. I believe that God works through other people and that He's definitely guided me to people who have made me a better person and who, I hope, I've been able to help in return somehow. They have made my life worthwhile.
  • My job, which feels fulfilling even though it's stressful at times. When you feel fulfilled in your work, other aspects of life become so much easier. That has been quite the blessing. Plus, all my life I've wanted to be a legit writer and now, even though it's just content writing, I technically am! Twelve year old me would be disappointed and proud simultaneously, and I feel like that's what adulthood is all about!
  • How my baby sister is growing up so quickly—it's adorable! Makes me excited to be a parent someday. Though she's also a destructive little monster so hopefully that's still a ways off.
  • Good health—both my own decent health and my family's health.
  • c a f f e i n e
  • That Star Trek is back on the air and that it's pretty decent so far!
  • Encircle/USGA—for giving me and so many others in Utah County a place to find understanding, acceptance, and resources while figuring out their identities. It's been almost a year exactly since I started attending USGA. For so long, I never felt like I belonged anywhere but the people I've met through USGA and through Encircle have made me feel loved and at peace for the first time in a long time. I am just so grateful for their friendship and for their examples as strong, compassionate people.
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose works have rescued me from faith crises more times than I can count and has probably bolstered my testimony more than anything, barring, y'know... scriptural canon. Is that blasphemous? But Dostoevsky, man... the guy could write.
  • Also Rough Stone Rolling, for similar reasons though it was a less enjoyable read than Dostoevsky's books. It has also given me so much perspective on seeing prophets as divinely inspired yet flawed. Recommended if you struggle with that dynamic and some elements of church history. I felt like it was fairly written for both a Mormon and non-Mormon perspective.
  • And to make the list of books/writers I'm grateful for an even three, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. If you haven't read the actual book, I really recommend it! The older I get while reading it, the more it speaks to me and makes me think about how much our relationships and the way we treat others matter. I appreciate its message more every year.
  • Jesus Christ's example and the promise that He has taken on not just our sins but all of our burdens—our pain and emotional struggles as well. Lately I have felt a lot of comfort in realizing that even if it feels like nobody understands what I'm going through in terms of being trans or struggling with anxiety, He does. He understands exactly what it is like to be me as well as everyone else. I am very grateful that, even though I am a difficult enough person to not always warrant that kind of compassion and mercy, He is our Savior no matter what and will never abandon us.
-Van Goff

Dear Gatsby,

I have some truly exceptional people in my life whom I am deeply grateful for. I'm so grateful for my wonderful, loving parents who are always there to support me, give wise counsel, and just take care of me in so many different ways. I'm grateful for my amazing oldest sister, who has always been such a great role model to me (I can honestly say I've always looked up to her in every sense of the phrase), and who has sent me the gift of love and encouragement, which I absolutely treasure. I'm grateful for my brother who pops in randomly to give me a break from my crazy academic life, bearing pumpkin shakes late at night, guessing (extremely correctly) I would appreciate it. I'm grateful for my oldest brother who can always make me laugh. I'm grateful to Alta for convincing me that my world really isn't going to end when I don't perform as well as I want to, and for consistently being the sibling to give me rides everywhere.

I also am extremely thankful for my fantastic roommates (which would be all of them--like, I'm not just making some vacuous statement being like, "Well, I don't have any fantastic roommates--I just have average ones, so I can say whatever I want about the mythical, fantastic ones"). I love having random dance parties in my apartment, or even in the car in the parking lot after going grocery shopping. Most of all, I love, and am grateful for how they all genuinely care.

I am so very, very grateful for the people in ACME. I'm grateful for the deep friendships I've made, and how everyone is always there to help everyone else. Particularly, I'm grateful for one especially great friend I've made, and I thank my lucky stars we somehow ended up starting ACME at the same time. I'm grateful for the people who have stayed late with me to explain how to do certain problems. I'm grateful for the guy who took me to hospital when I needed to. 

I'm grateful to my current Bishop who has helped me better bear all that I've set myself to do.

I'm grateful to my absolutely amazing friend--whom I've previously referenced under the 'nym Black Forest Cake--who is one of the strongest people I know, and is a better friend than I ever thought anyone could be.

I'm grateful to all the wonderful people here on the Board, who make my life a more funny, interesting place. In particular, I'm grateful for writers like Auto Surf (and Alta, but I already mentioned her) who are there to lift me up when I need it most.

Finally, I want to say that I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and God. I can quite confidently state that it's only by their power that I've been able to get where I want to be.



Dear Daisy,

There are so many things.

I'm really grateful for the people I've met this year, because I have met countless people who are wonderful and amazing and who bless my life every day. Likewise, I'm grateful that I'm in a place where I have the chance to meet so many incredible people.

I'm grateful for Yossarian, because even though being in a relationship isn't always easy, he makes me happy and being with him has been a really formative experience for me.

I'm grateful for my family, because I know they'll love and support me no matter what.

But overall I'm grateful for the many opportunities for growth that I've faced this year. Since last Thanksgiving I've graduated from college, moved across the country, started two new jobs, started dating Yossarian, and had many other life-changing experiences. While I definitely have a lot more room to grow and improve, this year has taught me to be a wiser and more caring person, and I've gained some perspective that I needed. I can still be a much better person, and I'm still trying to be better, but I feel as though I've made steps towards who I want to be, and I'm grateful for those chances.




Dear reader,

I'm grateful for:

  1. The Atonement of Jesus Christ
  2. The gospel of Jesus Christ
  3. My wife (she's literally the best)
  4. Our upcoming baby
  5. BYU
  6. My job
  7. My phone
  8. Modern medicine & technology
  9. Living Apostles and Prophets
  10. My other family members!

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Rey,

I'm grateful for my wife, Tally M., who takes care of me when I'm sick even when she is also sick and pregnant. Also I'm grateful that I get to be a father next year!



Dear Daisy,

Ooh, there's quite a list, but I'll shorten it so you don't spend the next five minutes reading everything I'm thankful for.

  • My parents and siblings are living in Idaho this fall and winter instead of their usual 2,000+ miles away, so I've been able to do a number of activities with them this semester. Even better, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving as a complete family for the first time in four years! Pretty dang fantastic!
  • It wasn't just my immediate family this Thanksgiving—it was MY ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY! Well, besides three cousins. But it was a family reunion with two turkeys, ten pies, and a baby!! (I probably shouldn't have listed the baby with the food. He was my newest cousin and not part of the menu. Just to make that clear.)
  • I have a somewhat comprehensive and decent plan of what I'm going to do with my life. Normally I'm completely lost and stressed out about what I'm going to do, so I'm incredibly grateful that I now have a life plan I'm happy with.
  • The office I share with my coworkers has the most incredible view of campus, I've collected a large stash of food there, and my coworkers are hilarious and an absolute joy to be around. 
  • I didn't think I'd be in a relationship this year, much less a long-distance one, but minnow makes it all worth it.
  • I couldn't be more grateful for Jesus Christ. I've been reading John with minnow lately and it just constantly amazes me what God and Jesus did for us—for me. I owe everything I am to them.

-guppy of doom


Dear Daisy,

Currently I'm feeling pretty grateful for Kleenex and cough drops, but I'll do a more general list than that.

I'm grateful for...

  • A job that I love. I'm also grateful for my coworkers, who never cease to amaze me with their intelligence and kindness and coolness.
  • Christmas! Yeah yeah, maybe I should have mentioned how grateful I am for Thanksgiving break first, but I just decorated my apartment this week and we have a cute tiny Christmas tree and I love planning what gifts to get for people and Christmas is just the best.
  • Family. My parents and siblings are all great, as are my in-laws, and I have such cute nieces and nephews, and my husband is the greatest. I am truly so blessed to have the family I do.
  • Service. I've been trying to "light the world" this year, and as I consciously think of and look for ways to serve others every day, I'm so amazed by the opportunities that surround me to do good, and by the joy it brings me.
  • School. Even when deadlines are approaching and everything feels like it's falling apart, at least I get to be in cool classes with cool people, learning useful new things.
  • The gospel. It shapes the way I think about myself, others, and the world in ways that I don't even recognize, but I'm thankful for the ways it has helped me become a better person, and for the light that it brings to my life.

I could keep adding to this list forever, but in the interest of finishing this answer, I think I'll be done for now.