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Question #90699 posted on 12/06/2017 7:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I just watched an amazing episode of Turning Point about an organization called "A Sense of Home" in California, which helps foster youth who have "aged out" of the system to furnish their first apartment. It made me want to support similar initiatives in our area! Can you help me figure out if there is a similarly-focused charity in the Salt Lake City area?

-Alma 37:7

P.S. You all need to watch "Turning Point" if you're not familiar with it. So inspiring! It makes me want to use my time better to help others.


Dear small going on great,

You can donate goods or money to "A Sense of Home." I really love their suggestions on how to collect donation items, including "Host a paint and sip party and have each guest bring a piece of art and donate the art they create for an 'art kit.'" 

I held this over longer than I meant to looking for something identical to "A Sense of Home" here in Utah. I found a number of wonderful organizations that help foster kids, though nothing about furnishing apartments. Regardless, these all seem like wonderful opportunities to serve! If you're interested in getting involved with foster kids, you can look to Utah's foster care organization, Youth Village, and The Christmas Box.

Just for Utah Youth, though it doesn't specifically mention it, caters to foster children who have aged out of the system. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a specific place to support them; you'll have to follow links on their site (such as to homeless shelters) or email their director. 

If any readers know of any other organizations, please add a correction!

-guppy of doom