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Question #90715 posted on 12/07/2017 12:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So it's been a few weeks since the new URL. (So glad you found a way to keep this going, by the way.) How's site traffic? How's the rate of incoming questions? Any substantive changes since the switch?

Inquisitive Idiot


Dearly Departed,

I don't have metrics for questions asked but from what I can tell there are slightly fewer questions being asked now than there normally are. 

What I do have is some metrics concerning the current traffic of the Board.

Disclaimer: I am using the same Google Analytics account that I was using before the new domain was instituted. I am unsure if this only tracks hits to the old domain or if it also tracks the hits to the new domain. This could significantly affect the data. 

It appears that sessions on the Board increased slightly after the new domain was created and has gradually decreased to about 24% fewer sessions than we had this time in November.

I think this is reasonable seeing how we haven't had as many questions post within the last few weeks and we have many questions (this one included) which have gone well over 100 hours. It is also nearing Finals for BYU so many of the writers and readers have become caught up in studying and other preparations which would cause a decrease in the number of views. And, as I mentioned in the disclaimer, it is very possible that this Google Analytics account only tracks those who visit rather than (I still occasionally type "the" into my search bar so it auto-completes to the old domain when I'm trying to get to the Board). 

Sorry if this isn't as in depth as you might have expected but because I have some doubt as to the integrity of my data I won't go into too much detail. But you can at least rest easy knowing that the Board is still getting hundreds of hits by hundreds of users each day (even if they are typing in the old domain).