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Question #90716 posted on 12/19/2017 3:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

On a recent Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcast (with Liz Climo), between segments they played a cool jazzy piano song, I think a Christmas song. What was it and who played it?

-Waiting for you to tell me


Dear You've Waited Long Enough,

I totally listened to that podcast. I love Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! It brings some joy to my morning commute once a week.

As for the song, I went through the whole episode again segment by segment on their website and I couldn't tell which song you were referring to because none of them sounded particularly jazzy (and absolutely none of them were Christmas songs) but if you want to listen to one of the segments and skip to the end you can try to find the song yourself.

I also sent an email to NPR asking your question and I got an automated email with lots of common questions and answers. One section said: 

How do I find the music that aired on the show? To find the music interludes for NPR programs, please visit the show's homepage. Once on the homepage, scroll through the most recent show or click "Browse past shows" to access the program's archive. Any missing interlude information will be updated as soon as it is available. If the information in question has not been posted within 2 weeks of when the show originally aired, this is usually an indication that our records for the music used during the broadcast are incomplete and cannot be updated.

The email instructed me to reply back if the pre-written answers don't actually answer my question and since that doesn't exactly answer your question I'm going to follow up with the email. But since I've held on to this for far too long, I will add a correction if they get back to me.


P.S. Mo Rocca is my favorite panelist, especially since he looks like a graying Link from Rhett and Link