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Question #90717 posted on 12/31/2017 9:44 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a dilemma: I just took on a job where I work as a traveling salesman; I get to drive hundreds of miles to meet with clients and make sales. Part of this job involves getting to eat out for free while I'm on the road!

Unfortunately, I have a problem: I'm dealing with obesity, and eating out isn't the best thing for my health!

Here's my question for you: if you could reimburse $10 for breakfast, $17 for lunch, and $24 for dinner and had to eat healthy while still getting your money's worth, what would you eat? What would you recommend for me? Have any tips for losing weight while being on the road during the week? In my specific case I can't reimburse grocery purchases, so I'm especially interested in types of food and restaurants.

-Closing Sales While Weighing Down the Scales


Dear Salesman,

If I were you, for breakfast I would try to eat lots of smoothies, eggs, toast, fruit, etc. Jamba Juice has some pretty healthy smoothies, so that could be an option. Also, acai bowls are delicious and filling and you should definitely try them! If you're in California, Utah, or Wisconsin, you can go to Bowl of Heaven, which has some really good bowls, but I'm sure you could find other places that sell them if you just google it. 

For lunch and dinner, Subway isn't a bad option depending on how you make your sandwich. If you get sandwiches with chicken or turkey, load them up with vegetables, and go light on the sauce, they're actually pretty healthy. A lot of soups can be pretty healthy, as well, so especially during the winter you can take advantage of those. And I know this sounds boring and cliche, but a lot of places sell salads that are actually pretty darn delicious and filling (but like Van Goff says, not all salads are inherently healthy, depending on all the add-ins). And if you want more than sandwiches, soups, and salads, I would recommend looking for plates that have lean meats and lots of veggies. Mediterranean food also tends to be pretty healthy, so you could try looking for Mediterranean restaurants near you.

Here are some websites that have compiled lists of healthy(ish) restaurant chains, so I would recommend browsing through them and finding some options you think you would like. You could also try going to local cafes, because often they tend to have some healthier options.

Best of luck with your weight loss goals!



Dear friend,

Here are a few general tips to keep in mind, compiled from various fun and educational areas of the internet:

  • If you have the option between breaded and grilled meats (ie: chicken nuggets vs grilled chicken), always go for the grilled option.
  • See if you can swap out any of your sides with vegetables. You can eat a lot more vegetables while expending a lot fewer calories. Even if it doesn't list healthy sides as an option for your meal, some restaurants may be able to accommodate a swap.
  • If you don't like salads, don't think that they're your only health-related option. A lot of the time, especially with a dressing, salads are actually some of the worst things on the menu.
  • Eat slowly and, if possible, order the smaller portion options. While larger portions may seem tempting, it takes some time to feel full. A smaller size may be enough to keep you full long-term, and you'll feel just as satisfied so long as you pace yourself.
  • Pair your meal with a water to avoid spending empty calories on drinks.
  • If it's a popular restaurant, look up its menu online to read its calorie information. This can help you make informed choices and decide what would be the healthiest option before you order.
  • Look for a "healthy" or "low-calorie" option on the menu and order from there.
Good luck! I hope you're able to find options that work for you.
-Van Goff

Dear Travelling Salesman,

Hold up, we still haven't figured out your first problem.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave