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Question #90735 posted on 12/12/2017 2:30 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need some input on this issue that I have been pondering about, so please share a portion of your wisdom. We ALL know that the board game, "Monopoly" is one, if not the most contentious board game in existence. And we know from 3rd Nephi 11, that contention is of the devil. So... to put in simple algebraic terms is:

Monopoly = Contention
Devil = Contention
Monopoly = Devil?

- Hello, My Name is...


Dearest Kennedy,

Ah, but you're making the logical fallacy of equating elements of a set to the actual set. I'm afraid all you have shown is that the intersection between the devil and Monopoly is nonempty. Indeed, this is insufficient to even establish Monopoly as a subset of the devil (as you would have needed to take an arbitrary element of Monopoly as opposed to a specific one like contention). 

On the bright side, I'm fairly certain walking and talking with old friends is a subset of Heaven.



Dear person,

Yes, that is true. Monopoly is the worst thing ever.



Dear friend,

Funny story: when I was eight or nine, I went to this annual white elephant party at my uncle's house for Christmas. On my turn, I unwrapped this Monopoly board, which I was super excited to bring home because I enjoy Monopoly and my family would play board games on New Year's Eve when I was little. But alas, my older cousin Josh took it mercilessly on his turn. That night, I swore that I would never forgive him. To this day, it is the longest and most passionate grudge I have ever held.

So to answer your question, probably.

-Van Goff