"We are more afraid of excellence than of failure." -Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles
Question #90745 posted on 02/12/2018 1:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What would you do with five months of free time and $5,000 to spend? If travel, what destinations?

- Fogo de Teto


Dear Fogo de Teto,

Use Scott's Cheap Flights (I get their emails, and they just make me want to travel the world) to get cheap flights! Usually those tickets are $200-500 each, so I would fly to perhaps 5 random destinations around the world. (Why random, you ask? Well, there's no specific place I'd like to travel to, and spontaneous travel is the best, so I would have adventures in every corner of the globe!) I'd spend several weeks in each place living as a local instead of a tourist. Get to know the culture a bit, be involved in the community (I would also buy this so I could communicate with everyone), do some service, make friends, then fly home for a week to recover (being an introvert can be the worst sometimes) before flying to a new destination. 

-guppy of doom


Dear traveler,

Do you have these five months and five grand? If so, I'd suggest you do the following:

1.Think of some places you haven't been to yet.

2. Figure out what time you can go to these places.

3. Check if the weather is good there. I've previously been too lazy to consider whether it was the rainy season or not in a country I was about to visit and it changed the trip dramatically. 

4. Buy a one-way plane ticket and then just sorta go, allowing yourself more flexibility.

Where would I go with this amount of time and money? Last year I did a combined total of 8 months in South America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, (highlights being Bolivia, Paraguay, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, and Iraq) which was fun, weird, interesting, and positively wallet-deadening. I've only recently made enough money killing weeds at a national park to finish covering my expenses from last year.

Overall, I spent $1000 per month, which ended up being enough to cover airfare and occasionally splurge on scuba diving and things like accidentally wrecking a rental car engine, as I lament in Board Question #89935. If you're more careful than me, your money could last you, like, quite a while.

I'm currently deciding whether or not I should join my brother on a journey to West-Central Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo) or possibly to Central Asia, especially Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the Wakhan Corridor area of Afghanistan. I don't really have five months this go-around, so I don't know if I'll actually do any of this or if I'll just do nothing instead ("nothing" here being a word which means working for sustenance moneys).

Another part of of me wants to move to a single foreign country next year for five months, but since I've been telling myself I'll do this for years, I sort of doubt I'll follow through with it.


--Ardilla Feroz, who apologizes for holding this answer long past the point of usefulness


Dear Botafogo,

Man I wish! I’m really torn between two options. I’d either choose:

  1. Become a hot air ballon pilot. I‘ve always dreamed of being a hot air balloon pilot, but it takes around $3500 and 3-4 months of training. $5000 And 5 months would be plenty to get me started. 
  2. Explore South America. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil. I’d fly down to Brazil, spend 1-2 months exploring what Brazil has to offer and then see how far south I could get hitchhiking. With some luck I’d get to see Paraguay, Uruguay, and head all the way down through Argentina to see Patagonia. 

This sounds so awesome! If anyone just so happens to have $5000 to give me so I could do this you would be my favorite ever. Just saying. 



Dear you,

I think I would probably be more limited by funds than by time, but I would go to Europe and see all the historical sites that I've spent years reading about but that I've never gotten to see. For someone who studied Western European history, my travel experience is sadly limited and I need to start fixing that.




Dear person,

Go to New York for a long weekend and spend all of it!



Dear Fuego,

Backpacking trip through Europe.



Dear Fuego,

I would buy cheap flights and then use local transportation between relatively nearby destinations so I could go to A) France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, B) Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC (and might as well visit New York while I'm close), C) Chichen Itza and Cancun, and D) Machu Pichu and Patagonia. With seriously discounted plane tickets and Airbnb I might actually be able to afford all of that with the allotted $5000. If I had any left over, I would want to go to Croatia and Russia.



Dear Foto de Togo,

I would drive across the United States and visit every single Chick-fil-A location and buy a chicken sandwich at each one.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear Fogo de Teto,

I would probably go visit my mission companions in Australia, Tonga, and New Caledonia (maybe find me a cute Poly to marry if no one minds my sayin'). I don't think 5,000 would cover it but it would help a ton. If you're asking for suggestions, I would also seriously consider New Zealand.