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Question #90746 posted on 12/22/2017 6:26 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What kind of socks would you say the average BYU female would wear with normal (i.e. non-dress) clothing? Does it depend on the shoes? What about more formal clothing when not wearing nylons? What kind of socks, if any, do you wear?

What is a good place to buy socks?

-Sock it to me


Dear person,

I like wearing socks that just go around my heel and toe for both formal and not formal clothing. Generally speaking, I don't wear tennis shoes. When exercising I use regular socks. When I'm at home, I like to wear fun socks.



Dear Socks,

I wear sandals until it's too cold, then I break out my boots and my wool sock collection. Other than that, I wear ankle socks if I'm wearing tennis shoes, and if I'm wearing my work shoes I wear the no-show liner socks. I almost always wear tights with formal clothing, or I'll wear heels without socks, but overall socks are not a part of my formal wear.

Socks are the worst.



posted on 12/23/2017 9:32 p.m.
In regards to your question about where to buy socks, Old Navy is a great option for any kind of socks. I wear their higher cut liner sock with my Vans and Keds. Old Navy also sells great low-cut liner socks for flats, as well as boot length socks, ankle socks, trouser socks, and, best of all, fuzzy socks! As a bonus they’ll sell you leggings and tights too. They’re all cute too, so expect many foot-related compliments.

-This Message Was Not Brought To You By Old Navy, I Promise!