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Question #90748 posted on 12/18/2017 9 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I’m not quite sure what’s up with the 100 hour board. Should we still expect that all of our questions (assuming they’re within community standards) will eventually be responded to? Do you guys have a list or something of questions that are super old that haven’t been answered yet. I’m just a little worried that some fall through the cracks.



Dear oh wonder is a fantastic band,

Right now in the inbox we have fifty-six questions... fifty of which are currently overdue. Typically, we're doing okay if we have 20 overdue questions, and we're rolling in the amazing-sauce if we're at 15 or below. More often we've been floating around 30 overdue, but that's not how things are at this exact moment. Alta discusses this in more detail, but we are a group of full-time students, cast members and wage slaves employees of various organizations, and writing good-quality answers for the Board may take more time, effort, or caring points than we have available at the moment.

If we've held your question over, it usually means we're at least trying to give it a thorough treatment. Whether you'll find our answers satisfactory or not is difficult to say, but know at least we tried.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Wondered,

Don't worry, your questions don't fall through the cracks, at least electronically. Once you ask a question it goes into the inbox, which any Board writer can access, but there's no way for a writer to accidentally delete your question or something. On the off-chance that your question is rejected for not following our policies, you would get an email from the editors explaining why, and that question would then show up under My Questions with a big "REJECTED" at the top of it. That happens very, very rarely, though, and you would know if it did happen to one of your questions. Barring that, though, the only way for your question to leave the inbox is by being answered. All the questions we receive are lined up in the inbox in order of oldest to newest, so they're always there, waiting and reminding us of how behind we are.

Sometimes questions go for a long time without an answer because they're very time-intensive, other times they go for a long time because a writer starts an answer and then gets too busy to finish it for a long time. If there's even one uncompleted response on a question, the question can't post, so five writers could have completed answers to the question, but if there's even one incomplete response, the question will stay in the inbox until that response is either finished or deleted. There are a lot of reasons a writer could leave an answer unfinished for a long time, but usually it has something to do with the fact that we're all people who are trying to do well in school/jobs/relationship/life. Usually the editors go through and prune the inbox regularly, deleting old incomplete answers that haven't been worked on for a while so questions can post, but lately we've been short an editor, and our remaining editors have been crazy busy with other things in their lives. This means that we've had more overdue questions in the inbox than usual, and there are probably a lot of people in your boat.

I know that this is a frustrating response, and I know the wait to get your answer back can be excruciating, and I personally apologize for all the questions that I've held overhours. We do appreciate your continued patience though, and if you're at the point where you don't have any patience left, we at least appreciate your continued patronage of the Board. You can trust that eventually all your questions will be answered. It may take us a while, but I can guarantee you that it will happen.