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Question #90766 posted on 01/04/2018 4:38 p.m.

To the Potterheads and Star Wars fans of the 100 hour board:

Please read the following:
[url=““] (an article on Star Wars characters in hogwarts houses).
Do you think Han is a Gryffindor rather than a Slytherin? I personally think Chewie goes where he goes.
Is Leia a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw? (I say Ravenclaw, but what do y’all think?)
Wanna take a stab at sorting Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan, Jyn, Cassian, R2-D2 and Threepio? (Yoda is obvs Ravenclaw).
This should be fun.
-Fandom Trash


Dear you,

I think you could say everyone you just mentioned are Gryffindors. Star Wars is kind of a Gryffindor story.



Dear you,

Disclaimer: not watching the linked video; I'm lazy like that.

I don't have opinions on all of the above, but I'll pop in and say:

Anakin never got a Hogwarts letter because none of the houses deserve to suffer that much.

Padme's probably a Ravenclaw - she's all like "yeah, I'm the 14 year old queen and stuff."

Threepio's not in a house because he's a house elf.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear Fandom,

I think Chewie sits squarely in Hufflepuff House and Han... does not. So I disagree that they go in the same house. I think Han is kinda on the line, much like Harry was when he was sorted. But Han prides himself on being edge so I think his preference would pull him towards Slytherin. Ravenclaw works for Leia rather than Gryffindor because she hates hot headedness (jk. She clearly digs it in Han, but she never chooses it for herself.) So although she is brave she is not impulsive. So she's missing some Gryffindor traits whereas I think she fits all the basic characteristics of Ravenclaw. Obi-Wan almost has a Hufflepuff vibe too. I have no concrete reasons why but like search your feelings. Maybe it's his gentle sassiness. Hahaha nvm idk. Jyn: Gryffindor, Cassian is prolly Slytherin, R2D2 strikes me as Gryffindor, and Threepio: Ravenclaw.

You can fight me on any of these and I would thoroughly enjoy defending these claims, or being turned by good reasoning. But I really think I nailed Chewie, Obi-wan, and Cassian. 



Dear you,

This feels like an excellent platform to share my lingering source of confusion about Harry Potter: I don't know what house I would be in. At various times in my life, I've had different answers, but I've taken the Pottermore test three different times and gotten three different results. Therefore, I find sorting to be vaguely problematic because there are so many different ways that you could look at the different houses and determine where you might belong.

If you base sorting on qualities that each individual person exhibits, especially at the age of 11, I would have been a Ravenclaw, because I was smart and hardworking and I cared about my education. But with the person I am today, I'm probably more of a Hufflepuff.

However, if in a Neville Longbottom-like case, sorting were to be based on which qualities you admired, wished you possessed, or wanted to develop, I would be more of a Gryffindor or Slytherin, because I wish that I were braver and that I had more defined ambition.

You can make the argument that the Sorting Hat takes your choice into account, but even considering that possibility I find it hard to choose which of 4 good options I would want to align myself with, because I want to have qualities from each house, and I think that at different times in my life I've exhibited qualities from each. Therefore I find it confusing to talk to people who are firmly rooted in one house or another, or who have a firm allegiance to the house of their choice, because thinking about it personally just fills me with existential angst.

That's a very long-winded way of saying that the Harry Potter nerd in me really wants to contribute to this question, but in an odd way I feel unqualified.




Dear Fandomness,

Warning: This may get extensively nerdy since these are two of my favorite franchises.

First of all, let's talk about the qualities exhibited by all of the houses. From the Harry Potter wiki site:

  • Gryffindor values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry.
  • Hufflepuff values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play.
  • Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit.
  • Slytherin values ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness.

I feel like we often simply accept that Gryffindor are the good guys, Slytherin are the bad guys, Ravenclaw are the smart arrogant guys, and Hufflepuff is everyone else. This is due to the fact that the Harry Potter books are presented from a Gryffindor point of view. Although most of the bad guys in the series came from Slytherin, all Slytherins are not evil. Similarly, not all Gryffindors are good (I'm lookin' at you Peter Pettigrew). As a proud Slytherin, this always bothers me. I mean what did you expect when you took all of the most cunning and ambitious students and put them in the same room? Of course we're going to try to take over the world. Also, note that it is Hufflepuff that values loyalty, not Gryffindor. 

So now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about Star Potter sorting. I really liked the list that the article provided. I think they got most of the characters spot on. Like Babalugats, I would put Chewie in Hufflepuff, since, as noted above, it is Hufflepuff that values loyalty. Han totally makes sense as a Slytherin. I mean, ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness? That's a spot-on description of Han. I would also be willing to take arguments that Finn shouldn't be a Hufflepuff since he doesn't seem super patient, and has now tried to ditch the Resistance twice. Then again, after watching The Last Jedi, I would probably leave him where he is. And yeah, Leia is definitely a Ravenclaw.

The rest of your list I would sort as follows:

  • Anakin is a Gryffindor. He's got nerves of steel, and extremely brave, which sometimes comes off as hotheadedness. He's also decently chivalrous towards Padme, until that whole turn to the dark side, Darth Vader thing. 
  • Padme is a Ravenclaw. I mean she was running a planet as a teenager.
  • Obi-Wan is a Hufflepuff. He's endlessly patient with Anakin, extremely loyal to his friends, and dedicated to the Jedi Order.
  • Jyn is a Gryffindor. I mean, cookie-cutter Gryffindor. How could you argue against this?
  • Cassian is a Slytherin. He's one of the most resourceful characters in Rogue One.
  • R2-D2 is a mix of all of the houses. I honestly can't pick just one house. R2 is the bravest droid in the galaxy, but he's extremely loyal, intelligent, resourceful, witty, and dedicated. He can't be sorted. He's an enigma. 
  • C-3PO is a Ravenclaw. He's fluent in six million languages. 'Nuf said.