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Question #90780 posted on 01/26/2018 11:04 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Merry Christmas Boardies. How was it? What traditions did you celebrate? What did you get? What did you give? Did you drink the Nog of the Egg? How did you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year?



Dear Alexa,

I love egg nog and I will drink it always but my family does not like it which means more nog for me but less family tradition. More like the tradition is they throw away any leftover egg nog when I go back to school.

I really love our family's tradition of each buying a present for every other person in the family. I've got four siblings and so it can get kinda hard and costly, but I love picking out gifts for all my siblings every year. My favorite gift that I gave was an original painting by local Utah artist Jenna Von Benedikt. I know Jenna pretty well, and her art was amazing, check it out here. But it was way cool to give my mom a present that made her cry, a lot.


My favorite gift that I got was probably the 12" subwoofer that I got. I can now get even more noise complaints! (I actually never have somehow, bless my neighbors.)

It was a great Christmas, and a good break from school and all the hard life things. Plus I got to see our PUPPY.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear Alexa,

Christmas was fantastic!! minnow joined my family for the holiday this year, and due to where he's from and his family's beliefs this was his first ever Christmas! So we had a great time introducing him to the most wonderful time of the year. 

Our main family tradition is the booby trapping of the stairs. When we were wee little ones, we would sneak downstairs early Christmas morning to look in our stockings. However, our parents wanted to see our expressions of joy and surprise when discovering what Santa left for us, so they started laying traps on the stairs to prevent us from getting downstairs without waking them up. Since then, it has become a challenge to see if we can get past our parents' traps in complete silence. This year was no different—my sister, minnow, and I woke up at 5 a.m. to sneak upstairs. (We were at our grandma's house, hence us sneaking upstairs this year.) Our parents left numerous traps, including fake spiderwebs, climbing equipment, mousetraps (only one was loaded), shoes placed precariously on edges, pots and pans carefully arranged at the top of the stairs, and a obstacle course of chairs. My sister and I were able to teach minnow the finer points of disabling traps. I guess you could say we're CIA worthy. 

My favorite present was "The Origins of the guppy of doom" from minnow. He copied every answer I had written from the Board, added in a clipart picture, and put it all together in a binder. I gave a lot of cookbooks to people. (You can tell what I was thinking about during finals week.)

We did not drink egg nog. I know, I'm ashamed of myself as well. But we did drink lots and lots of hot chocolate! 'Twas a wonderful holiday.

-guppy of doom


Dear Lexie,

Christmas was so good! Christmas is the absolute best ever I can't even! There are so many traditions that if I listed them all this would be a really long answer that none of you would care to read, so I'll just talk about the highlights.

Every Christmas Eve we have our very traditional dinner of teriyaki steak, funeral potatoes, jello salad, and garlic bread. (Our Christmas morning breakfast is a bit more traditional: Alton Brown's fruit cake and home made egg nog. So good!). After dinner we Skyped some families from my mission and sang them some Christmas hymns. It was way fun for my family to meet my Argentine friends and vice versa. Then we read the story of Christ's birth in the Bible. After that, we open up our Christmas pajamas, change into them really quick and watch The Polar Express. When we get to the part where they serve hot chocolate we pause and make hot chocolate. After we finish the movie it's off to bed to wait for Santa!

Christmas morning we wake up and at 6 o'clock we can come upstairs and look for all the presents Santa hides around the house. Opening presents is good, but mostly because I have a 7 year old sister and watching her open presents is adorable. Heck, she makes everything adorable. Honestly the best part of Christmas is just chilling with the family. I hope everyone else is having as great a time as I am!

Merry Christmas!



Dear Alexa,

My younger sister complained about not having had eggnog the entire time I was at my parents' house. I had eggnog on at least three occasions in Provo, though.

Christmas morning, we got to Skype my missionary sister. She'll be home next summer, and I'm super excited for her to be back.

Most of my Christmas presents were things to furnish my new apartment with.

-The Entomophagist

P.S. Anathema's answer reminded me that I baked a Black Forest Cake for after Christmas dinner.


Dear Alexa,

This was an interesting year, because it was the first time I haven't been home with my family for Christmas. That made it more difficult to keep Christmas traditions, but thankfully I was able to spend a week with my family in December, so I got to celebrate Christmas even if it wasn't on the actual holiday.

The only real tradition I kept was seeing a movie, and this year it was The Last Jedi. In the evening I went to a party thrown by one of my friends, and that was the extent of my celebration.

I'm not a big fan of eggnog.

The best gift I gave my family was my complimentary Disney tickets, so we all got to enjoy Disneyland for a few days. The best gift I got was a bed for my new apartment.




Dear Alexa,

Christmas was/is AWESOME. Ms. Mitty and I packed up our bags and traveled to spend the holidays with her family. It's been super nice to not have to worry about anything (although my brain is convinced that there is some project that I need to be working on). My favorite gift that I received is a fitbit Ionic, which means I'm not out of excuses to not get into shape. Since Ms. Mitty is an infinitely better gift-giver than I am, we gave some fantastic presents to our family members, but my favorite was a Detroit Lions phone case that we got for her little brother. He's a die-hard Lions fan, and I have never seen anybody that excited to get a phone case. It was a great reaction. 

Although the house of my in-laws is unfortunately devoid of the Nog of the Egg, Ms. Mitty and I had plenty before leaving our own home. 

We've also gone to the theater twice, since I LOVE movies, and got a number of gift cards. We got to watch The Last Jedi , which was awesome, regardless of what other haters may say. We also went to go see The Greatest Showman , which was a great surprise. It was an extremely fun movie with some really catchy songs. You should all go see it. 

So, yeah, Christmas has been great. I could use another month of vacation. 

- Mitty


Dear Aziraphale,

This Christmas was so good! I've honestly just loved the feeling of being able to sink into the pages of a good book (or several) without any worries of outside responsibilities. Alta outlines our family traditions pretty well below, so I won't really go into those. However, something we did that was different this year was that we all (we all in this case being my parents and two of my siblings with their spouses) sang Christmas hymns on Christmas Eve by the light of soft lamps with a single candle burning. I love being able to sing, particularly singing Christmas songs, and it was just so sweet to be singing about the birth of Christ with my family. 

My favorite Christmas present was a delightfully huge, heavenly soft, and wonderfully thick blanket, along with an array of good books to snuggle up under said blanket and read.

For my parents, I actually went in on some bigger gifts with my siblings, so they didn't feel quite as personal to me. So, the favorite gift I gave would be a homemade key lime pie and the thickest, softest, most elegant winter scarf I could find to my friend, Black Forest Cake.



Dear Alexa,

1. Christmas was excellent! It's been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember, and this year did not disappoint. 

2. One of my favorite traditions is a big extended family Christmas party. We eat clam chowder (even though that's not a Christmas food, and also we live in Utah, not the East Coast), but I love it, and we play a bunch of Christmas games, and all the little kids do a cute nativity scene, and all around it's a good time. We also had our traditional Christmas day brunch, where we continued the trend of not-Christmasy seafood with smoked fish, but also a lot of other really great food, and it was great!

3. One of the best gifts I received was a big stack of books, and I've spent the last several days with my nose almost constantly stuck between the pages of various books. Q and I also received money from both our sets of parents for our upcoming trip to France (in May), which I'm very excited about!

4. The gift I'm most proud of giving this year was plane tickets to my husband for us to visit his brother and sister-in-law in Chicago next semester.

5. You bet your bottom dollar I drank egg nog! I had a huge glass of it right before bed one night, and it made me feel vaguely sick as I was falling asleep, but it was worth it.

6. Apart from the traditional celebrations (family parties, tons of Christmas cookies [accompanied by tons of guilt about eating Christmas cookies nonstop], gift giving and receiving), the best part was getting to give Christmas to a family from my mission. They're some of the best people I know, and they moved to Utah from Chile at the beginning of December. I can't imagine it's been an easy transition so far, and my angelic mother decided to help outfit their new apartment for them when I told her they just moved here. We had them over for dinner, and afterwards gave them a bunch of household items for their new apartment, and seeing the gratitude on their faces and the tears in their eyes was truly heartwarming. And then we had a snowball fight and went sledding with their little girls who had never seen snow before, and it was wonderful. Christmas is always great, but it was extra special this year because we got to help people who really needed it.

I hope your own holiday season has been merry and bright! Thanks for the question, and good luck if you have a new semester of school coming up soon!



Dear Alexa,

Christmas was great! I went home to Washington for a couple weeks. The weather was fantastic (which means cloudy, since I'm from Washington). It was our first Christmas with my sister's husband, which went well. It was strange getting used to a new family member, but we like him, so it worked out.

For Christmas I got a camera lens, which is more exciting than it sounds. I'm going to have to go on some photo adventures.

No matter how much time I have to do nothing, I always wish I had more of it. Maybe next year I'll take 13 weeks off for Christmas. For now though, it's back to school and work.