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Question #90788 posted on 01/26/2018 11:08 p.m.

On my mission in Eastern Europe we had flip phones that allowed you to schedule a text message. We would often compose a message to an investigator and set it to send 30 minutes before our appointment to confirm. It was an awesome technology that I haven’t heard of since.
Why isn’t this technology used here? Why don’t the top phone makers/OS developers utilize this simple, yet useful feature?



Dear you,

Message+ for Android has it. I use it all the time. Particularly when I'm pretending I have fallen asleep already and cannot respond until morning. Or when I want to give the impression that I was up at 8:00 a.m instead of my usual noon. Or when I want the response message to wake me up so I get up when my friend does. Or when I'm sending a risky text and don't have what it takes to send it straightway. That last one is actually really nice because I get to commit to sending the text but still edit it until it goes out. 

Anyway, I think iPhones require a supplementary app. Message+ is the default app for Verizon branded Android phones. I don't know about other smartphones. With dumbphones I bet it's pretty hit or miss. My Motorola in high school had it but others didn't. 

Bottom-line: that feature is a very useful nugget that is more common than people think. Bonus bottom-line: I should be ashamed of my deception but I am not. 



Dear fellow Eastern-Europe missionary,

Yes, like Babalugats said, the default Android messaging app has that function, and I also use it a lot. Maybe not quite as much as Babalugats though, apparently. It's also possible to schedule a Facebook post, but apparently only for groups? I think it would be a really nice feature to add to just normal posts and I don't know why they don't.

As an aside, my absolute favorite function of my mission flip phone was the fake call function, which I would use to get out of sketchy conversations ALL THE TIME. It was amazing and honestly I think I was a great actor. 

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave