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Question #90793 posted on 01/07/2018 7:20 a.m.

Dear Van Goff,

Retirement. Isn't it about... time?

-Van Goff


Dear me,

Unfortunately so. Writing for the Board over the past year has been a phenomenal time, one that my freshman self would be so proud to have experienced. Getting to know the other writers and advising readers on questions has brought my life a ton of purpose and changed my perspective on life in subtle but meaningful ways. That being said, this semester has been a little busier and between school, work, and extracurricular commitments, I felt a little overwhelmed and decided that it would be the best thing for myself and for you as readers to say goodbye at this junction.

Saying goodbye as a writer leaves me with, above everything, gratitude. Thank you, readers, for sending in your questions and entrusting us writers to help you out with whatever's going on in your life. Thanks, fellow writers, for the opportunity to read your fascinating and thoughtful answers, as well as the time spent getting to know you as human beings. It has been a fantastic journey. You are all fantastic, the Board is fantastic, and this little underground BYU community we have here is fantastic. And you know what?



Best of luck in 2018, friends, and we'll see ya around campus!

-Van Goff